The Collector


The Collector of Secrets
This is the very first story that I can ever remember writing and reading it back after all those years I found that it was very good although I tweaked it a little. Even the warning at the beginning is the over done original.

I guess that I would be around 16 or so when I first wrote it. I was exploring my dark side with this story, and I found that I liked it, although I would have died a thousand times over with embarrassment if mum or dad had found it.

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My Name is Angel, what you will read is degrading, humiliating and shocking, so do not read on if you are sensitive and easily offended. On saying that, it is only a story.

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A while ago I was sat down for tea all excited with my mum and dad, my younger sister Samantha, (I have an older sister Jane but she wasn’t there) and my younger brother Jon, and last but not least my new boyfriend Nathan, well my first boyfriend really.

We suddenly all heard a very loud knocking, well more like a banging on the door, mum went to answer sighing to herself, “Well who on earth could that be?”

I could hear mum then talking to what sounded like angry men outside and it seemed that mum was trying to calm them all down when suddenly these very large men barged and pushed their way past her and came in to the dining room looking for daddy.

Once they all saw my father sat at the table they looked so relieved, if not pleased to see him, although I couldn’t say the same for daddy. “Hey up Barry” said one of the 5 big men adding “Where was you yesterday? We were waiting for you all day!” He said with a broad smile and carrying on “You didn’t call in the office with the money that you owe us, so we thought we would come to you for once, sort of save you all the time and effort if you know what I mean and we are pleased we did, aren’t we boys?,” All the men nodded.

I noticed one of the men seemed to be staring at me quite a lot and he gave me a wink with a smile, but I just looked away from him and took no notice, but that seemed to make no difference to him and he still kept staring at me.

I said all the men were big and well built, but this man that was smiling and looking at me was tall like the others but he was very skinny with a very thin black moustache and his face reminded me of a weasel.

Another one of the men was very black with big thick lips with long dreadlocks and had a very deep voice, he was very muscular. The biggest of the men had a scar down his cheek and had a piece of his ear bitten off, (you could see the teeth mark impressions) and he was the scariest of them all.

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It seemed that it was the big boss man that was talking to us and he carried on talking in a very polite manner to us all “Although please except my apologies as I unfortunately have to impose myself on your charming family while you are dining.”

Then turning to daddy himself he adds ”You should have let me know Barry as we could have called earlier, but how nice it is at last to meet your beautiful wife and daughters that you keep telling us all about,”

Then turning to us all he says nicely “I feel as if I know all of you personally.”

He then paused for a moment as he looked daddy in the eye and said, “But now lets get down to business Barry shall we. Barry there is a small matter of a long outstanding debt that’s starting to become a problem to us and I must admit that it is now beginning to irritate me. Now if you can just do us all a big favour and pay up what you owe us we can be on our way,” then he gave us all a nice agreeable smile again.

Daddy stopped eating and said “Sorry Trevor, no can do, it will have to be next month now there was a problem at the bank again.” The men looked very angry including the boss man, but in a sympathetic sounding voice the man looked around disappointed at the other men and said almost nicely “Oh, the sweet sound of total bullshit,” then in a little sterner voice he added “You know, I am so disappointed with you Barry. I thought we really could do business together, we have put this off for months now and the problem has become more troublesome week by week, even day by day, after your final and last warning the other week I really thought you would deliver this time, But instead you bought your nice new wheels outside and that really has pissed me off, you will need to come with us, GET HIM BOYS!!

Daddy's new Jaguar

Daddy’s new Jaguar

Daddy tried to fight them at first and then at the next moment he tried to run away, as he ran Mummy screamed as they quickly caught daddy in the living room as he tried to make a dash for the front door.

A fight broke out again as daddy thrashed around at the big men hitting them really hard but they rode the punches and quickly over powered him. They held him down and tied him up tight and then they dragged him up and pushed him down in to a sitting position on to the sofa. The men puffing and panting as the boss man calmly said, “Well done Barry you have just convinced me that I need to initiate plan “b” to help you see the error of your silly ways, don’t we boys?” The men pushed everyone in to the living room, they obviously had a new idea, whatever plan “b” was.

As they pushed my mum in to our large brightly lit living room she was shouting and screaming at them and trying to hit out at the men also, which I thought was very brave of her, but they very quickly had enough of her manner and taking no chances they grabbed her and tied my mum with my boyfriend and my brother as well, in fact everyone except me and my sister, then they pushed them all on to the sofa by the side of dad.

The boss man told one of the other men to take my young sister upstairs and to, as they put it “entertain her” while another of the big man held me tight. My mum screamed out at the man “Don’t you dare hurt her!!” (my sister that was.)

The big boss man calmed mum down by calmly saying, “I have a daughter of my own that age, I don’t want her to see any such un-pleasantries if I can help it, she will be fine with David, I assure you” and then the boss man nodded calmly to ‘David’ and mum calmed down as my sister and the man went upstairs, trusting them.

The day had been perfect before the big men came, my first boyfriend had come round to the house for lunch, we had only been going out for a couple of weeks, I had stayed on at school and because I should have left and been in collage and daddy had agreed a while ago that I would be allowed to have a boyfriend at that point.

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Mummy had made a big effort seeing as it was the first time they had met my boyfriend and she always looked so sexy and beautiful. She liked to go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and we would go on long runs together by the river. I was so proud of my mum that she looked so slim and pretty for her age, well she was gorgeous really, well we couldn’t go anywhere without men chatting her up and giving her long lingering and admiring looks as she walked past when we was out together. The men would always look round at her when she passed.

Daddy was a lot older nearly 41, he kept himself fit by going on long runs too and he still played football. Mum and dad met at quite a young age and quickly married and my sister and me was born soon after.

We had spent the morning sat in our large garden chatting as it was such a beautiful summer’s day and daddy had been making us laugh with his jokes and antics. We then played games and later we sat in the conservatory drinking fresh orange juice waiting for our lunch.

Mummy joined us and I think Nathan my boyfriend was really shy with her around, I think he was in awe of her a bit as mum is really gorgeous with a very beautiful sexy body and she wears revealing sexy clothes. She noticed his shyness and made it worse by playing up to him purposely teasing. Dad thought it was funny but told her to behave, she just laughed. As time went on she called us for lunch.

But now I was being held tight by this big strong man with the scar in the living room, the day now wasn’t what as I had ever imagined. I looked over and the main man Trevor looked very stern for once … “You should have paid up Barry, we warned you if you didn’t pay up this time we would be coming to see you at home didn’t we, I am afraid the situation is, shall we say … grave.”

“We also suggested that you would be severely punished this time if you didn’t come up with the money didn’t we, … didn’t we Barry? But it seems these warnings have made no difference to you at all in the slightest?” My Mum was looking very confused and said “but as I told you outside earlier we paid you the money last week, I gave it to Barry to pay you, I put the cash in an A4 size envelope myself!”

The men just shook their heads and told mum “and as I told you outside earlier too, we received no such payment.” Daddy turned to mum and said “Sorry love, but I had to have the new Jag, but then I reckoned I could get the money back as I had a dead cert in the 3.30 at Doncaster, it was supposed to be a ringer, I couldn’t lose, so I put ten grand on it but there must have been a tip off  somewhere and the bookies wouldn’t pay up. It’s still being investigated, so they could still pay up.”

Mum looked really angry and swore at daddy “Don’t be so fucking stupid, how naive can anyone ever be, tell me, how fucking old are you? You should never be allowed to handle money as you are so fucking selfish.” ..

Gosh, I had never ever heard mummy swear before………But now they both looked to the boss man and they had quite frightened looks on there faces as they were all bound with thick tape and unable to move.

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The boss Trevor moves to the front of the sofa and says “I know what we do isn’t 100% legal, some would say its not legal at all, you know people like the Police and the Courts, so we cant exactly go to anyone to complain to and reclaim the money that you owe us can we, so we have to do things like this in house you might say.”  

He pauses a little, then tells daddy ….“its not a job I like doing personally, as a business we like to trust people.” He pauses again for a second time and looks around, then he looks at dad and continues  “Look, we have someone to introduce to you, we call him the collector.”

At this point the living room door opens from the Kitchen and this large brute of a man walks in with a black mask on carrying a large sharp knife. The boss man looks round to see him approach and mum squeals out in fear.

The boss man starts to speak again “some bosses would cut your fingers off, some would go as far as a heavy beating as well for what you have done, you now owe us quite a considerable sum of money Barry, you live a lavish lifestyle, which is fine, we are pleased when our employees make a lot of money, it means we make lots of money as well and life’s good for everybody, but we don’t like it when we don’t get our share, It seems rude somewhat, don’t you think. We have supplied you with quality merchandise and we have, lets say with considerable overheads ourselves, all you have to do is keep half of the cash you make for yourself and give the other half to us… Easy, what could be so difficult about that, and what could be easier.

Trevor stands there with his hands in his pockets, he takes one hand out and slides it in to his inside jacket pocket and takes a photograph out and hands it around making sure everyone sees it telling us all “This is a photo of the last non payer out collector here has to deal with, it’s not a pretty site is it Barry.

The photo of daddy's work partner

The photo of daddy’s work partner

 Mum looks frantic her face was full of fear. Then the boss man looks down at the carpet thinking for a little while… He then looks up at Mum and Dad and starts to explain to both of them “Look Barry we want you to sell for us, but we want our money also, we are just funny like that…. so we are here in this unfortunate situation we shall just have to teach you a small lesson as we said we would, you leave us no choice, I am sorry, but we have a reputation to keep, we have others that work for us, we mustn’t appear weak, that would never do, we would never be able to hold our heads up high otherwise, maybe if you don’t care for yourself, as it seems you don’t, then maybe you will care for someone close to you, we like you Barry, we really do, maybe we can rest the collector today, we will see, perhaps we should have a little fun today, after all, it shouldn’t be all work, should it” then he turns round to his men and says “lets have some.”

The men all start to look at me and stare,,,, “DON’T YOU DARE.,” screamed mum and dad both at the same time, and I start to worry what they are going to do, daddy carried on shouting at the men in a panic “I will have the money for you next week, for sure this time, you know I will.”

But the bald headed boss man sneers “I know you will, someone just shut him up” as Trevor continues “You’ve had the money in the past a few times and still not paid us, you paid for a villa in Thailand and new car instead, we know these things, you have had your warnings many times, we told you that there would be consequences, now its collection time and we are collecting.” With that a big black man taped up daddy’s mouth “I promise this,” added the boss man “by the time we have finished here, you will pay us on time and in full in the future every time with no problem.”

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The weasel looking guy then looks around over both of his shoulders and then walks up to me quite eagerly as though he was worried someone else might queue jump before him, I was being held there as the other men laughed, I couldn’t see why at the time, if ever, it just wasn’t a funny time.

That morning I dressed for my new boyfriend, I was wearing my nice new short orange skirt, yellow over the knee stockings that just came below the hem line, and a lovely summer yellow blouse and I had taken forever on my make up and hair, that morning my mum and dad smiled at me and told me they were very proud and that “I looked stunning,” that gave me a nice warm glow inside,,, and now this, how could thing turn out so different in such a short space of time.

I tried to pull away but the man held me tight and then started pushing me in to the middle of the living room and in front of the sofa where everyone was tied tight and sitting. I was worried as I didn’t know what they were going to do…I  struggled a little to get free but my petite body was being held in a vice like grip with these big strong men was futile, as they held me with my hands held behind my back the weasel crouched down on to his knees in front of me as though he was going to a talk to a child, with a smile he looked up at me and looked me in the eyes and says “you’re going to like this,”

“I bet I don’t” I frowned back, then he looked round at the other man and said “just us having the fun then” and he laughed as though he had said something really funny.

The Boss man Trevor stands by the side of me facing everyone one on the sofa, then looking at me said, “so this is the precious Angel everyone hears so much of,” then turning and looking at mum continues “and your beautiful wife you love so much, well maybe if this small lesson is going to mean anything to you maybe we have to show you why you have to pay us on time in future,”… he paused for a moment while dad wrestled with his bonds and screamed something at him through his gagged and taped mouth. Trevor just looked at him with no emotion at all till dad stopped wrestling and shouting, then saying as though he had understood every word, “that’s good then,” and turning to the man in front of me, he just nodded his head to him and then moved away to the side of the room to watch whatever was about to happen to me.

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The man kneeling in front of me was the same man that winked at me earlier, he raised himself up in to a squatting position smiling and saying “I am going to love doing this, I love my work” and he starts to unbutton my blouse while at the same time he looked at my boyfriend, and says with a smile “hey you, have you seen her tits yet? have you felt at them?” Then in a deeper voice he said to my boyfriend “have you sucked on her tits and nipples?

Me and mum looked at one another in surprise at what we had just heard, my boyfriend just looked down and didn’t say anything in return and my mind was racing ‘oh my god’ I thought, ‘they are going to make me get my tits out and make me show them in front of everyone’ the room looked crowded as I looked around.

My mum suddenly shouts out, “let me give you all the money we have in the house, its about a thousand or so and we will pay the rest by the end of the month,” the man in front of me stops what he is doing for a moment while he waits for the answer from his boss. I looked quickly over to Trevor the big Boss man with pleading eyes hoping he would say “okay” but to no avail he just laughed and shook his head saying “sorry that’s no where near enough, its just a few pennies and way too late in the day my very pretty lady for such a puny offer.”

The thin man smiles so that he can carry on and his hands then moved back towards my buttons as he smiles again and carrys on unfastening each button deliberately slowly increasing the tension in an already tense room and taking his time.

“Stop it” I squealed as he undid all the buttons and opens my blouse wide showing me off to everyone and saying, “Now that’s very nice.” He knelt there for a while just looking as though admiring my body. I couldn’t understand why they was doing this to me in front of mum and dad as I hadn’t done anything wrong. Then as though satisfied he thin man moved his hands back to me and my waist then slides them up and over my skin.

The big man behind me then release my arms one by one as they pulled my blouse off over my arms and throwing it on to the floor, they then pulled my arms behind me again as everyone looked on at me and my breasts pushing out in my new bra.

The man smiled at me again admiringly, then he ran his hands over my tummy and my sides working his way up till his hands slid over my small bra feeling the outline of my breasts which I thought was really rude so I frowned at him letting him know that I wasn’t pleased. Then sliding his hands over my skin and round my back and he then starts feeling for the clasps of my bra, “STOP IT, STOP IT” me and mum said at the same time as he fumbled around trying to undo my bra.

He turns around and speaks to my boyfriend again saying “well you wont mind if we all have a look at her tits will you,” again my boyfriend didn’t say anything in reply he just looked down and didn’t make any eye contact at all and I didn’t say anything ether I was just speechless, well there seemed little point anyway as I knew what they were going to do and they would just do it anyway.

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The man undid the hooks of my bra and letting them loose, my pert breasts spring forward as he let my bra clasp go, then he pulls my bra off the same way as my blouse and slides it down my arms and letting it fall to the floor. I could feel the air against my bare breasts and I looked away as I didn’t want to see everyone staring and ogling at me. “oh yes, very very nice don’t you think boys” says the man that has just stripped me to the waist as he lets his eager hands stroke my bare breasts and letting his fingers ripple and flick over my ever semi erect nipples making “Mmmm” yummie noises as he squeezed them.

I shut my eyes tight as the man fondles my tits thinking ‘god I hope all the men are not going to fondle me in front of everyone,’ the man carries on talking to himself “yes these are very nice indeed, so firm yet so smooth, nice big hands full, you must be very proud of them” then he muses to himself, in a louder voice only half looking towards my boyfriend adding “I will let you have a good feel of these later and a bit more as well if you like, I bet you would like that eh?” I started thinking, what dose he mean by “a little bit more,” while at the same time I could feel every ones eyes looking at my tits and a couple of the other men behind me brought their hands round and was having a quick feel of my tits too, they were tweaking my nipple roughly making them hurt a little as I have really incredibly sensitive nipples that always stood erect when touched.

The man who was crouching down in front of me now got down on to his knees saying “and now I really love this bit,” he looked up straight in to my eyes again smiling, he was so close to me I could smell his brut after shave and see clearly his eyes were bright blue, he put his hands on to my thighs just above my knees and starts stroking them and very slowly started sliding his hands up my legs while the another man stood behind me brought his hands round and started fondling, stroking and squeezing my tits, sometimes he would trail one of his fingers around and around my nipple then rub and flick it.

 Mum was shouted at the men the whole time to “leave her alone,” and I remember thinking “isn’t this over yet, what is he going to do now” My eyes were fixed on the man in front of me as I tried to struggle free, he slowly slides his hands higher up my legs and they slowly slipping them under my skirt still stroking my thighs as he had a large grin on his face the whole time as well as staring in to my eyes, he looking as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

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Because I was struggling and squirming I was being held very tight now with my arms pushed up and held behind my back, at least it stopped them fondling my tits for a while. I couldn’t move at all now as both his hands and wrists slowly disappeared stroking me under my skirt over my stockings and on to my bare thighs, I was getting worried as I could feel they were sliding higher, uncomfortably higher up my thighs and moving towards my pussy, I was in a cold shiver as I was just thinking that he was going to touch me up or something between my legs even though I had my legs clenched tight together, but to my surprise even though his hands rubbed the front of my pussy for a little while, his hands slowly went past and moved up even higher and now my mind was racing, if he continues and slides his hands up much higher they will start to come out the top of my skirt.

I was confused and wondering what he was doing, then suddenly it dawned on me when he reached right up and I felt his fingers curl over the top my tiny little panties and they followed inside and along the top of the elastic till he got to my hips.

When his hands got to my hips he smiled at me again and hesitated and stared in to my face, then I was shocked when he started ever so slowly and gradually putting pressure downwards with his hands, at first I just thought it was just my imagination, but no, he is, he is starting to pull my little knickers down. Oh god no I thought, I started shouted at him “Give over… STOP IT” and i struggled really hard to try and stop him tugging on my panties, I closed my legs tighter trying to stop him from pulling my knickers down but the smile became even greater over his face, he was loving it, he just loved seeing the shock and humiliation in my face as he did these things to me.

He just tugged at my panties a little harder just enough so I could just feel them sliding down bit by bit, I looked towards mum and dad in shock and their eyes were wide and glaring and they looked really panicky too, my brother and boyfriend was watching intensely as mum was shouting at the weasel “NOOOooo Stop it you perverted bastards” my mum screeaaamed louder “you fucking sick bastards”, and the black man went over to her and slapped her across the face hard again, but this didn’t stop her, she shouted at them all the time.

The man was deliberately pulling my knickers down very slowly and by now sliding them over my bum as I squirmed clenching my knees and legs together trying to keep them up, but it was useless and he kept pulling on them down my thighs till they slid from under my skirt in full view of everyone. When he had pulled them down to just above my knees he then paused for a while and just looked admiringly and I hoped he might stop there and it was all over with, hoping it was just a threat and a warning to mum and dad, then my heart sank as he moved his hands back to my panties and I felt him pulling them down over my knees and then all the way down to my ankles, strangely he then unfastened my shoes and pulled them off, then forcing and dragging my knickers under my feet taking them completely off.

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He lifting my little knickers to his nose and embarrassingly sniffing them again making “MMmmmm” noises, then tossing them to the other men who completely ignored them and just let them fall to the floor, they it seems was more interested in just watching and what was happening, but I noticed they were getting closer to me all the time. Then I was so shocked as he lifted my short skirt and showed the front of my bare pussy off to everyone  sat on the sofa like a prize.

I felt so embarrassed and went bright red as that morning I had just shaved my pubes so I only had a thin stripe up the front, now everyone knew. All I had left on was my stockings and my short skirt which I hoped he was going to leave on so to hide my modesty, when he felt everyone had a good look at me he finally let go and let the front of my skirt drop.

The man that was holding me had a long scar on his cheek, he then pulled me a little to one side of the sofa so I was right in front of my brother and boyfriend, he had me turn round 180 degrees which I readily did because I couldn’t imagine what they would do could be any more embarrassing as if I then had my back to everyone.

He looks at me for a while then he tells me to “part your legs” I did as I was told, but he told me “that’s not enough, open your legs wider” not understanding why, I opened my legs a little more as I stood there, he nodded and said “that’s fine, now bend over as if you are going to touch your toes, but lift your skirt up over your bottom.”

My stomach turned to butterflies as now I realised what he was doing, he was making me show my pussy to my brother and boyfriend and from where they were sat they would get a really good view. I looked at him and said with a frown “I don’t want to” He looked at me sternly and said abruptly “just do it, or do you want me to ask the collector to make you do it.”

I felt sick as I just had no choice but to do it so I slowly bent over to touch my toes then remembered I had to lift the back of my skirt up, knowing full well that my brother and my new boyfriend would be getting a good view of my pussy, and all the time I was also thinking ‘what the hell will my boyfriend be saying to his friends at school tomorrow.’

I was feeling so humiliated and my face was burning red, I could feel there eyes on my pussy and I felt very vulnerable as especially again the weasel lifted my skirt higher up over my bum giving every one a better view. He started stroked and squeezing my bottom then letting two fingers move under me and stroking my pussy making me flinch while making comments the whole time, “look at this boys have you ever seen such a nice round bottom and such a cute pink smooth pussy, what would you love to do to that if you had the chance eh.. eh.” Two of the big men with him then also moved round so they could get a good look as well and I had to just stay like that and let them ogle me.

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The weasel’s voice changes to a lower pitch as he rubs and squeezes my bottom harder saying, “I know what I would like to do to it, eh boys, I do indeed” and then he spanks my bottom hard and then again harder, I squeal out more in surprise than pain even though it did sting a little.

He slaps my bottom a few times more quite hard and I squeal out each time as it stings making my bum feel warm and turn red, the weasel again turns to my brother and boyfriend and says “ I bet you would love to feel her too wouldn’t you,” I couldn’t see them so I didn’t really know what was happening, but the next minute I could see them both at each side of me being untied, so they must have pulled them up as they wouldn’t have been able to get up on there own.

The weasel giggling says to them, “Have a feel, go on feel her,” but nothing happened they just stand there looking at each other not knowing what to do, he shouts at them angrily “feel her or else..” suddenly I feel their hands on my back stroking me up and down, the weasel in a calmer voice now tells them “come on boys don’t be shy feel her bum and pussy, you will love it, she might too.” I could feel there hands slowly moving down my back and they started stroking my bum, “come on feel it all” the weasel said impatiently and I could feel one of the hands slide down my bum and started feeling and stroking my pussy, there was nothing I could do with out making matters much worse, so humiliatingly I just had to let them.

The weasel was offering advice to them the whole time, “come on boys you have two hands, you can feel her tits with the other, come on enjoy yourselves with her.” My brothers hand was the first to move under me and start fondling one of my tits while my boyfriend hand soon followed and started fondling my other breast. At the same time I could feel each of there other hands behind me as they took turns in moving there hands around my bottom and then to my pussy then back again. I felt as if hands were all over me as both my tits and my pussy and bum was being fondled all at the same time.

While I stood there bent over and feeling there hands roaming all over my bits, my mum was constantly shouting and insulting the men for what they were making me and the boys do, but it was now really getting on my nerves quite a bit and I felt it wasn’t helping at all, I knew she felt she had to do something, I understood that but I hoped that they would soon gag her too and shut her up.

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Both the boys was stroking and squeezing a breast each and flicking my nipples with there fingers, as I said I could feel them fondling my bottom and taking it in turns to fondle my pussy, I knew they had no choice in what they was doing to me, but I did feel they seemed to be doing this a little bit too enthusiastically at times. The position I was in, being bent over I could have swore there were slight bulges in both there trousers, but it might have just been be the way there trousers just lifted.

The weasel still giggling and saying “good boys, yes good boys, I knew you would like that” suddenly he turned and said to me, “don’t worry Angel, I will let you get your own back on them,” “don’t bother” I replied, he came to the front on me, he bent over and looked me right in the face “oh but I insist, that would only be fair wouldn’t it?” Insisted the weasel. Then I thought, come to think of it, if its smacking there bottoms, I would give them both a good whack.

The Weasel let me stay there in that position for what seemed an age, but it was probably only about 3 or 4 minutes, Then he clapped his hands and said to the boys, “right playtime is over, you have had your fun for now, go and sit back where you was and you young lady can stand up.”

The boys went and sat back down again, and one of the men taped their hands back together, then he had me stand up again and turn and face everyone on the sofa, which was humiliating seeing my mum and dad there again helplessly watching me. Then the weasel told me to stand profile on to the sofa and then forced me down on to my knees so that everyone on the sofa was to my left.

The man with the scar came behind me and held me with one hand while fondled my breasts from behind with the other, I looked round to see what was happening, then the weasel turns to the big black man and he walks forward to me, his long dreadlocks covering his face a little and he sweeps them back. He comes very close to me till I am staring in to his crotch area, which I thought was a very strange thing for him to do.

I was shocked when he slowly starts pulling his zip down and very slowly starts unfastening his trousers whilst looking down at me, Then he shuffles even closer to me and I cant help but switch from looking up to his face and looking down at what he is doing with his hand in his trousers.

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Then he takes his hand out thankfully with nothing in it but he starts to pull down his trousers to the top of his thighs which makes me gulp a little in fear. Then he pulls down his underpants letting his big black hard prick spring out, right out and almost letting it hit me in the face leaving me to swallow hard again in a panic. Mum again pleads with him as though she knew what he was going to do, I had an idea what he might do but I was hoping we was wrong, “leave her alone, if you do, you can use me instead, just leave her alone” the man looks at her and smiles, “Don’t be too eager” he said, “you will get your turn” but I don’t think mum meant it like that.

I was going to be forced to suck on it

I was going to be forced to suck on it

He then moves back a little, his hard cock is pointing rigid and straight forward, he stares at me as he starts slowly rubbing his big black prick, god I couldn’t believe how big and hard his cock was becoming. I noticed Mum look too, her large eyes suddenly got a lot bigger then she squealed “stop it you are acting like monsters,” quickly in a panic she is looking at daddy then back at his big hard cock again, both of us not believing what he was doing with it in mixed company.

I was shocked because his penis seemed to get very very big and hard and I didn’t know they got that big, he looked very serious at me and said in his deep voice “I want you to put this in to your mouth young lady and suck on it,”

I didn’t want to believe what he had just said to me, I don’t think any of us did … “Pardon” I asked innocently, the man repeated what he said but adding ”right you are going to suck this prick for me now or we will hurt your mummy and daddy so much,… and you wouldn’t like that would you,” my mum hearing this starts screaming and sobbing “NO NO NO NO NOOooooo……. Leave my baby alone.”

The other man slaps her again twice hard, she bows her head and she just sobs feeling helpless, the big black man says to me “you don’t want your mummy and daddy to be hurt do you,” I just shook my head, all the men were smiling and laughing as though this was just a game …. But I could see Mummy and Daddy looked so frightened with what they would do to them, the man smiled as he said “so it’s up to you do you want to suck it”. Mum shouts at him again loud and hard, “LEAVE HER ALONE YOU FUCKING SICK PERVERT” the man looks over to her, Smiles, but then just ignores her.

I felt so embarrassed about having this huge cock moving to my face as my mum and dad my brother and boyfriend watching me having to deal with this mans hard long cock, again I felt as though I was the one being punished as though I had done something wrong, reluctantly and with great embarrassment and unbelievable humiliation I nodded my head in agreement, but I had no choice yet strangely it felt as though I was still agreeing to suck it for him willingly which increased the sense of my degradation.

Page 13

The guy moves closer to me holding the base of his huge black cock smiling, “suck it” was all he said as I reach out my hand and touch his hard thick cock, stroking it at first gently then gripping it a little harder, to me it felt soft yet hard at the same time, I started to rub my hand along his cock the full length and the man groaned each time I did this, then i pushed my hand right down the shaft to the very base of his penis and his foreskin pulled right back, again he groaned loudly and I was amazed it showing a big dark red throbbing end, which I thought looked so strange and large and my eyes were fixed on it.

I started to rub his eager cock harder and faster and that seemed to please him too, the room was so silent apart from the groaning man as all eyes watched me rubbing what seemed to me a monster cock and because it was black seemed to make it more degrading and menacing. Soon the man was thrusting his hips back and forward panting as I rubbed my hand up and down his shaft at the same time as though he was really fucking my hand.

Then he reaches out and puts his hand behind my head gently pulling it towards his big hard throbbing cock, I remember thinking “oh my god he is going to make me put it in my mouth and suck it now” and he groans in anticipation and pleasure as he tells me to open my mouth, his cock looks enormous to me and I hear my mum gasp and murmur “no no no surly not, please god don’t.” 

But I dare not disobey him no matter how humiliated I felt, hesitantly I opened my mouth a little as he moves his prick to my lips and pulls my head towards him at the same time, then I feel his prick push my mouth open even wider as it slides between my lips and in to my mouth, “now suck it” the man says,” as i start to close my mouth around it, i suck the dark red end a little like it was a large lollypop and after a little while i slide my mouth up and down it instinctively while still sucking it. I am very conscious of everyone looking at me, through the side of my eye I notice Nathan and my brothers eyes seem wide open in amazement while this black prick seemed very big in my mouth and obviously as I have never done anything like this before, I didn’t really know what I was expected to do.

Sometimes as I have laid in bed at night I had wondered what it was like to have sex and to suck a mans hard cock and suck a boyfriend off all the way. Stupidly now it seems that as I practiced on my finger imagining it was my boyfriends cock that I should have practiced on something much bigger, but never did I dream that the first time I was to do it I would have a crowd of about ten watching me and that my whole family would be amongst them.

Page 14

Humiliatingly I sucked the end of the mans huge cock and i rubbed it with my hand a little as I sucked, I was really pleased that it didn’t taste disgusting, in fact it didn’t taste like anything at all really, but everyone watching me made this humiliation about a million time worse.

Suddenly I am thinking to myself ‘GOD this cant be true, it must be my imagination but this feels as if it is getting even bigger in my mouth’ as I sucked on it, it just seemed enormous, after a few minutes through the corner of my eye I look to the sofa and see that every one is watching me and I could swear my brother had a little smile on his face the little creep.

I try my best to suck his big thick cock but the man suddenly gets impatient with me and growls “suck it deeper, come on slide your mouth further down my shaft,” I take his cock out of my mouth to protest “I am” I said “I am doing my best” but he just keeps saying “slide your mouth down it further”  “but I cant its too big for me, I am only small you know.”

I complain, but he grabs me by my hair and he forces his prick roughly back in my mouth and I am forced to start to suck on the thick end again, this time with both my hands grasping it and rubbing it at the same time, my mouth moving up and down trying to swallow it further trying to please him so that he wouldn’t be angry with me, mum or dad.

But it was such a big and thick cock and he tries forcing my head further down the shaft and I could feel his prick being forced deep in to my wide mouth and it nudging the back of my throat as everyone watches me, I can feel my face turning bright red, this feels so incredibly humiliating and degrading

The man never seems happy with me and grabs my head tight and starts pulling my head down the shaft of his prick even further, I struggle as the man grips my head firmly and groaning he starts to fuck my mouth quite hard and I start to gag on his huge black prick, saliva is running down my chin and stringing to the floor as he forces his prick way in to my throat,. again my mother screams out “STOP IT! STOP IT  YOU ARE HURTING HER”  ! ! !……

The guy groans “oh I have only just started with her” he says and starts to fuck my mouth a little harder and I gag a little more as I feel his hard prick slide in and out to the back of my throat, he grabs the back of my head tight with both hands and pulls my mouth even deeper down his cock and starts to fuck my mouth and throat really hard and fast, and I starts to make loud sloppy noises.

Page 15

I open my mouth wider hoping that helps but that seems to make it easier for his prick to slide deeper down my throat, “ah yes” he groaned loud in pleasure.  I could feel his long prick thrusting further down my throat and I try to pull away but he grips my head hard gasping and groaning and he wont let me up. I start to gag and choke as his prick seems to pump right down my throat deep making humiliating loud sloppy noises that every one can hear, as he fucks my mouth and throat deep and hard I notice my mouth was not even half way down his shaft, I couldn’t go any deeper down on him, but I still wasn’t sure he was pleased with me, I didn’t really know what I was going to do, I didn’t want him to be angry with me.

It was like someone forcing a large thick hard sausage down my throat I couldn’t take it much more I was choking on this large cock and found it difficult to breath so I start to fight and punch and then I scratch his stomach as hard as I could and draw blood, he groans out and the big guy pushes me away hard and on to the floor, “you little bitch” he shouts looking at his wounds as I lay there on the floor panting and gasping trying to catch my breath, for the first time it was my turn to smile, but not for long.

The man is really angry with me and he goes to the sofa and he drags my mum roughly out of the sofa by her hair and on to her knees, another man moves to her as well and between them they rip off her blouse and bra as she screams helpless as they strip her from the waist up, I am upset as I think this is my fault because I didn’t make the man happy. The man growls angrily at mum “right you show her how to suck cock then or she will have to learn on us all” mum nods her head …… “And you had better be a fucking good cock sucker…. And I mean good”bob003

My mum begs nodding her head “yes, yes I will do anything for you, just leave my daughter alone” and mum she quickly and obediently reaches out for his long hard prick, she makes her mouth wet quickly as he roughly shoves his rampant prick to her and she feeds it in to her waiting mouth hungrily hoping to please him and not wanting to upset the man.

Instantly she starts sucking noisily on his large hard prick, the other man pulls me back up to my knees and pushes me right by the side of my mum so that I get a good view of her sucking his cock and holds me there fondling my tits as everyone else too watches my mum as she is forced to suck the huge thick cock.

Page 16

I was ashamed of myself I felt that I had let mum down and that now she was being forced to have sex with this man while dad has to watch, but I am amazed how she moves her mouth up and down his entire shaft with ease sucking his prick and as she bobs her head up and down in long strokes, the contrasting colour of his huge black prick disappearing more and more against her white skin as she slides her mouth deeper each time till he slides his whole prick down her throat as she sucks the very base of his prick, The man looks at daddy with surprise as she sucks and says “fucking hell man your wife sucks cock really well doesn’t she. God she must have done this a few times in her life”

One of the men kneels behind mum and while she is sucking the man off she allows the other guy to fondle her tits. As the weasel says “I am next” and starts to undo his trousers, I am amazed for about the next 3 of 4 minutes seeing mummy sliding the entire length of his prick in to her mouth and down her throat from the tip of his cock right down to the very base on his thick long prick, up and down the entire length fast and faster as her throat squelches, I couldn’t even get half way down his cock, yet mum is quickly sliding the entire length in to her mouth and down her throat with such ease.

The man is groaning like crazy bucking his hips back and forward as his long prick fucks her mouth, I can hear noises from mum groaning and making sucking and slurping sounds with her mouth and throat as he thrusts his long prick deep as everyone is forced to watch.

Suddenly the man grabs her head tight and he starts to fucks her mouth increasingly harder and deeper, he groans out loud gasping and shouting “oh yes … oh yes” his hard prick thrusting in and out as mums mouth slides right to the very base of this very long thick cock he grips her head hard and thrusts his prick as deep as he can till mums mouth is forced to the very base of his prick and squashed up against his balls, in one long thrust groaning louder, I notice his bum clasps tight and his whole body shakes at the same time and suddenly I can see cum gushing out of mums mouth and running down my mums chin.

I see her throat swallow as he cums but she struggles to swallow his load, he forces his cock deep and as hard as he can, then holding it there again for a little while, ….. then with a couple of tiny pumps making sure he has emptied his entire load in to her mouth he slowly slides out his long wet snake like cock from her mouth as mummy gasps and pants.

Page 17

The man at last seems very pleased saying to the boss man “That was fucking brill, the best blow job I have ever had in my life” he says still panting,” excited he continues “Who is next, you can have either one but I highly recommend the mother” he says pulling her hair to raise her head up for what seemed no reason at all.

The weasel comes forward pulling his flies down ”Who is going to suck the next cock” he demands “you or your daughter?”

“I will do it, if you just leave my daughter alone” said mum angrily, and with that they grab my boyfriend and pull him to his feet and drag him over to my mum, they quickly undo and pull his trousers down, his cock flaccid and hanging down and looks so small at the side of the other mans prick, “suck this one” said the man…”What” she gasps in total shock, “But he is only a young boy, I thought you meant one of you… oh no, no not him”  she pleads………..

“Suck it for him” they laugh, “we can see you deal very well with the big pricks, but just show your daughter how to suck the small ones ….. you cant have the big ones the whole time you know” and with that they grab me by the throat and hold me tight and pull up my skirt, “Or do you want to watch as we all fuck your daughters sweet fresh little pussy instead,” my mum panics “No no, please dont” my mum begs, the weasel man tells her “so suck it now!” He demands.

Well I can’t believe what I am seeing or hearing, I look over at my boyfriend and he looks back at me all innocent and surprised. I can see mum is really reluctant and upset at what she has to do. I can see her face now blush with embarrassment, the boss man speaks in a stern voice “we won’t tell you again…. SUCK IT,” I can see reluctantly mum moves her mouth  towards his cock, my boyfriends cock starts to pulse a little as my mum reaches her hand out and touches it and starts to rub it so gently, her hands moving around his little semi flaccid cock and stroking him slowly and it begins to grow, then gripping his cock in the whole of her hand and gently wanking him and getting him hard while her other hand softly strokes his tight balls, the men move round her closer but still making sure every one on the sofa can see.

Mum looks up to my boyfriend and looks him in the eyes as she moves her mouth to his hardening prick, as his cock starts to point out in front of him mum sticks her tongue out and starts to flick the tip of his cock as his cock throbs in expectation, then she licks her lips and makes her mouth all wet and moves closer to get more comfortable and he looks at me nervously in anticipation everyone feeling embarrassed.

Page 18

His prick looks so small at the side of that big brutish man, his cock not quite developed yet, certainly it doesn’t look so imposing, but on the other hand it looks quite big against his small frame as it starts to get  really hard now, the men still hold him firm, as my mum licks her lips, then opens her mouth and starts to lick my boyfriends cute little prick again, the tip of her tongue sliding up and then down his shaft encouraging it to get hard, then she lifts up his ever hardening cock and licks his balls for a few seconds, then releasing his cock and letting it bounce, he is now very hard and erect.

Then she licks her lips again and moves her mouth towards it and kiss’s the tip of his cock twice and moves both her hands on to his hips, her mouth opens and slowly mum slides her mouth down it and engulfs his entire knob in one go her lips sucking to the very base of his hard prick for a second or two, Matt gasps at the pleasure then slowly sliding her lips back up then plunging her mouth back down to the very base of his prick again and sucking gently.

She keeps repeating the process and Matt feeling guilty but cant help but shiver with ecstasy, as his body shivers with the delight of the blowjob, I can hear the men saying “lucky bastard” as they nudge one another, my mums eyes shift to the side as she looks at the man that said that, then looks back again on what she was doing, bouncing her full lips and mouth up and down quicker as my boyfriend gasps in reluctant and guilty pleasure as her wet mouth goes to work. Over and over moving up and down the full length of his prick … for a few seconds she starts moving her mouth vigorously up and down his shaft, her wet sloppy mouth giving him his first ever blow job while we all watched mesmerized, after the huge prick that my mum was sucking before, this seemed barely a third the size and seemed so easy to suck and my mum was sucking it with passion so as to get it over with…. I think.

My boyfriend was trying to stifle his gasping, he couldn’t help it his little body must have been tingling with pleasure because he was shaking all over as mummy sucked with so much experience, bouncing her mouth back and forth along his wet little shaft in long deliberate strokes.

Suddenly my mummy stopped sucking and taking his wet hard cock out of her mouth she looks up at him and says in a soft voice, “don’t worry Nathan, if you feel yourself cumming just let it, its okay, it’s not your fault.” And smiled at him, I looked at his cock and it was very hard and I am sure I could actually see it throbbing.

Page 19

Mum makes her mouth wet again, opens her mouth and takes his prick back in to her mouth and starts bobbing her full lips up and down again on his cock, this time sucking harder and faster, her hands gripping his hips as she sucks him off, soon my boyfriend is fighting to stifle his panting, groaning and and gasps as he cant help but crying out, I didn’t think he was going to last much longer and was about to cum in mums mouth, at least it would be over for them both.

I think the big man knew that as well because he suddenly pulls Mat away and says to her “Your skills are wasted on this boy so lets see what your daughter has learnt shall we” and snaps his fingers at the next guy with the shaven head, “you next” he says, they pull my boyfriend back and the next guy gets his prick out, not as big as the man before but god It looks so big again at the side of my boyfriend, the man grabs my mummy’s head and pulls it to him as his long cock searches for her opening mouth and tries to force his huge prick in to her mouth, but in his excitement his prick misses her mouth and pumps in to her face.

My mum takes his prick in to her hand and guides in to her mouth as my mum dares not resist him, but the man seems so angry and grabs her hair tight, she squeals as he forces it in to her mouth, again my mums mouth is soon sucking all the way down his shaft to his balls her mouth fucking his knob, I could not believe how she gets it all in her mouth, sucking and bouncing her mouth down the whole shaft so easily, she groans a little as she takes his prick down her throat like before.

The other men move my boyfriend over to me and say “come on show us what you have learnt and finish him off.” Well I have no choice but I am so embarrassed at having to suck my boyfriends prick in front of everyone, I look at my boyfriend as I move and open my mouth and suck the tip of his cock sucking deeper with each thrust until I am sliding my lips up and down the whole shaft like mummy did, from the corner of my eye I can see and hear mummy being forced to suck off the bald guy as we were forced side by side to put on a show on for everyone.

I suck harder and deeper on my boyfriends hard wet cock as I look in to his stomach and I can suddenly hear his pants of breath blasting out, then he groans squealing and I can feel his tension building then suddenly he gasps out a groan and his body shakes, at the same time his hands grab my head and for the first time his hips buck as he fucks my mouth and suddenly I feel a squirt hit the back of my throat and it makes me gag a little, he continues to fuck my mouth and my mouth fills with wet sticky salty stuff, I pull away and I can see the final squirt of cum from my boyfriends cock squirt over my face as I spit out the cum in my mouth on mums carpet.. The men all laugh at me, “she has learnt well” the men say “but she needs a bit of practice at the end” there seems to be cum every where, in my hair and on my face in my mouth and running down my chin and neck even on my breasts …

Page 20

As I look up I can see the bald man pumping his big prick in mummy’s mouth as he holds her head groaning and fucking her mouth hard, she is making loud squelching noises from her throat as he fucks her hard, suddenly he grunts and bucks and again I can see a gush of cum running down mums chin, mummy tries to pull away but the man holds her head firm as he forces his prick as deep as he can saying “take it bitch” before groaning and finally he stops and lets mummy go “That was a fucking great sucking” the man says, “I bet you do that every night with her don’t you Barry”, he says turning to daddy.

Then, the weasel giggling the whole time grabs my brother and drags him to his feet and in front of mum telling her “the collector want to see you blow this one” My mum instantly looks over to the collector and pleads with him, “No, No, please don’t make me do it, this is my son.”

The collector slowly nods his head once.. “my mum again pleads with him, please no!”

The weasel, giggles as he tells mum, “I wouldn’t upset the collector if I was you” and at that moment the collector slowly starts to stand picking his knife knife up at the same time.

Mum squeals out in a panic, “okay, okay, I will do it fucking hell.” Mum looks at Jon for a moment and says “you know what I have got to do” Jon looks back at her and gives her a little nod of understanding.

Mum almost angrily unfastens his trousers and pulls them down to his ankles, then she pulls his underpants down and she comes face to face with his little cock half sticking out. Mum pauses for a moment, then gently takes his little cock in her hand and starts to roll it and stroke it as she tries to arouse it, she looks around at everyone watching her as she must feel incredibly guilty at what she has got to do. Then mum looks back at Jons cock as it starts to grow and become stiff, she now slowly starts to rub his cock back and forth making his foreskin slip back and forward over the tip of his cock.

Jons cock is growing and getting quite hard now and must be about 4 inches long, it surprised my, I didn’t think it would get that big at his age.

Mum now starts to rub his cock harder and with longer strokes, I would say that she was now wanking Jon off, Jon is gasping as mum does it and as she looks at him they each give one another a little smile.

Mum moves closer to Jon and starts fondling his small firm balls as the weasel tells her calmly, “Come on, its ready, get it in your mouth.” Mum licks her lips a little, looks Jon in the eyes then lowers her eyes to look at his cock, she looks at it for a moment then she lowers her full lips slowly to his stiff 4 inch cock and engulfs it if her mouth.

Mums sucks it for a moment or two then she slowly slips her mouth along his shaft backwards and forwards, again it looks tiny after the huge black mans cock she had in her mouth before but mum wraps her lips along his small but hard shaft and sucks.

Mum opens her mouth wide and slides her tongue along the full length of the underside of his cock and all the men could see Jons cock sliding in and out of her open mouth whilst Jon groans uncontrollably with the pleasure his mum is giving him, almost as if she wants to please the collector by giving him a show.

Then she closes her mouth around his cock and now starts bouncing her mouth back and forth between her lips, she slides back until his tip is clearly just between her lips then she slides all the way down to the base of his cock sucking and bobbing and repeating the action along his shaft.

Suddenly Jon groans out and I can see his little bum tighten and he shivers as he instinctively gives tiny thrusts in to his mothers mouth at the same time mum gives a little bouncing motion with her mouth right at the base of his cock.

“Look Look” the weasel softly says, “He is fucking his mothers mouth.”

After a few seconds Mum slides her mouth off Jon’s cock and opens it wide to the men and the collector and in the bottom of her mouth was a little pool of cum, when she was satisfied they had all seen it mum closes her mouth and swallows.

With the cum still running down mums chin two of the men grab hold of mummy who is still on her knees and drags her backward on to her back, she squeals looking around her and while the other man holds her down by the shoulders the other starts roughly pulling off her small panties, “Noooooo” mum screams really loud as one of the men says “Well I am going to be the first to fuck this one” and dropping his pants his large thick prick springs out, as he forces his way between mum’s kicking legs.

I watch as the black man rapes mum

I watch as the black man rapes mum

I can hear her scream out loud as she tries to fight him off, “Shut up bitch” he shouts and starts slapping mummy, then he forces her legs open as he gets between them, she screams louder and sobs Noooooo please Please don’t”,  I hear him grunt as he fumbles with his prick trying to find her pussy hole.When he is there he forces his hard prick up her pussy and mummy screams louder “NOOOOOoooooo,” I watch him thrust hard and he groans as he forces his prick up her, Mummy squeals and groans out loud, “OH GOD.. PLEASE NO” the mans bum starts bouncing up and down as mummy screams and sobs as he starts to fucks her hard, the men really seem to be enjoying this, as the man forces mummys legs up higher and really starts to fuck her hard, she groans and squeals involuntary at every hard pounding thrust, daddy has to watch as the man rapes her, soon the man is grunting out loud as he fucks her as hard and fast as he can for what seems ages, I can hear loud slapping noises and as his prick pounds in to mummy suddenly he trusts up her hard and Groans loudly as he cums up mum, he pauses a little then pumps a little then stops, panting and gasping he stays on top of her for a moment, then gets off mum.

Page 21

The other man holding mom down gets up and says “me next” while the first man holds her down, he looks between my mum’s legs as she groans and shakes her head “please no” she begs but the man like all the others takes no notice as he unfastens his belt drops his trousers and lets his prick burst out hard and this one is very thick, Mum tries to get up but the men pull and push her back down and forces his way between her legs, pinning her down he grabs his thick prick and feels for her pussy, she is begging him the whole time not to do it, his prick finds her now wet pussy and he grunts as his hard thick prick finds her hole, this time as the man pushes his thick cock in to her she groans out loud because of the size of his prick, he thrusts in to her again stretching her pussy open and she screams out begging “GOD NO NO” as he starts to fuck her, mummy squeals out at every thrust as he force’s his prick inside her and the man soon pounds away at her pussy. She now groans and begs at every thrust, The man soon gets in to his rhythm and soon the sound of his balls slapping against her fills the room only broken by mummy’s loud groaning out, he fucks her harder and harder and he grunts at every hard thrust her pussy taking the pounding of a lifetime with such big thick cocks, mummy is grunting squealing and screaming as the man just fuck her without mercy and daddy is forced to watch and listen to mum. Suddenly the man pounding her suddenly groans out loud with deliberate hard long thrusts as he cums up mum, then suddenly he stops, gasping and panting, “fucking hell that was good” he gasps as he gets off mum.

The make up looks a mess on mum’s face as she yells at them, “You animals” mum yells to the men. “Just go away and leave us all alone, I will make sure you get your money” she says.

The boss man walks forward, “I hope you have learned your lesson Barry” and he gives dad a stern look, my father all tied up and gagged nods his head furiously, then the boss man looks at mummy and says and you knew the score as well so that’s why you was involved, but maybe it would be better if you took charge of the repayments from now on,” the man warns “you give me all of my money back by a week on Thursday or we will be back.”

My father again nods his head furiously.

The boss man turns around and looks to all his men then he turns towards the door and walks out of the room calmly with out saying another word and all his men follow, they close the door quietly behind them and the room is silent.

My mum walks to the back door and locks it then walks back in to the living room and unties my brother, then stands in front of my father, she stands there in front of him and just looks at him for a while, suddenly she moves close to him and to every ones shock, she slaps him so hard across the face.

I can see the shock in my father’s eyes as my mum walks upstairs leaving him there and runs a bath leaving me to untie my father.

Well I think she left me to untie him.


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  1. I am so wet now angel..i am standing up with the biggist hard on i have ever had
    are you for real angel i would pay any amount..for you to do it to me, my mouth is so dry just thinking of it!!!if you arnt real you write a good story.let me know if you can do this for me angel. I will go to bed with a 5,inch hard on phoar???? xxx

  2. WoW..another hot and kinky story from a very NASTY and
    perverted Lady. I selected this story because it has always been a good stroking fantasy for me.
    I can see you struggled with the ending..there were a lot of
    family members left over to be humiliated and have there lusty dark desires exposed, like your Mom lusting for your pussy, Your father fucking your sister and your boyfriend being BI finds enjoyment in Jon’s cock I would give the story
    3 Stars and if you cleaned up the ending it would be 5 stars.

    • Hiya Steve, I like your suggestions, but you cant add all the scenarios as it becomes a little over kill and exhausting to read, I just had to choose a selection and go with that.
      The original reason for this story was a prelude to a reason of why Angel in the story joined the Police force, so she could stop this sort of thing, but I joined the Royal Airforce and I decided to write about that instead and that made this story a little superfluous… unless I can create a link somewhere, somehow.

      Thanks, Angel

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