Hiding in the Shadows

I saw his shadow in the room

Another Shocking True Story


Hiding in the Shadows by Angel √
This story started quite a while ago when a very close couple to mine broke up and I got a phone call from Jane (the girl in the break up) and she was in a high state of distress telling me that “When I got home alone tonight there was someone in the house hiding” 

Shocked and alarmed I instantly asked her “Are you alright?”

“Well, Yes and No!!” she said in a most distressed state.

I could tell she was still shaken. “Has he taken anything?” I asked

“Well sort of,” she told me.

“What? Anything important,” I asked stupidly

“I will tell you when you call round, I cannot tell you now!”

After a short chat I told her I would call round straight away.

When I got there she was still shaking, I asked her if she was alright again but this time she didn’t really answer. I sat her down and had a long chat with her over a nice cup of tea and she told me all of what had gone off, not realising at the time the seriousness of it all and what had happened.

She then told me all of what the intruder had done. This story is about something that I promise will shock and surprise you. In the end I would be interested In what you would have done.

I sat her down and I asked her to start at the beginning and tell me what on earth had happened, she regained her composure while she left the tea and opened a bottle of rum with some coke and this is what she told me…..

“When I had finished work I went straight home as usual, Thursdays was my late night so I didn’t get home till turned 7 pm. Paul (her partner) was working in Birmingham again and I knew he wouldn’t be back home until tomorrow afternoon as usual. I had spoken to him earlier, he told me he had arranged something special for me and that he would take me out to dinner as it was my birthday.

When I got home I tried to get in by the front door, but I couldn’t open it, the lock wouldn’t turn, so I had to go round to the back door. I didn’t like going in through that door in winter as my back garden leads on to the park, we only have a short hedge and it’s very dark and exposed in the winter and I am always afraid that someone will be there, silly I know, or so I thought.

The other thing is if I enter from the back door, the light switches are on the far side of the kitchen and the living room light switches on the other side of the living room. I am always nervous about walking through the dark living room on my own to switch the light on as it was.

I smiled and nodded in sympathy and agreement with her, “yes, I am the same that way as well, stupid isn’t it, well maybe not now.”

She went on …. I got the back door key in my hand ready and took a deep breath and made my way down the side path to the back of the house and it got gradually darker and darker as I walked away from the street lights on the front. I took a little peak around the dark back garden from the side that leads to the park first and of course, it was all clear.

I turned the key in the back door wanting to get inside quickly and the first thing I did was rush to the back wall and turn the kitchen lights on, once I had done that I felt a lot better if not feeling a little silly for being such a scaredy cat.

I now closed and locked the back door and made my way to the living room, I pushed opened the kitchen door wide to let as much of the kitchen light into the living room as possible, but the low energy lights hadn’t got fully going and it didn’t cast all that much light into the living room, well not enough to make me comfortable anyway. I made my way nervouslyHe grabbed me from behind but bravely to the light switches across the living room very carefully as not to fall over anything, but quickly wanting to switch the light on as in the back of my mind as I am always afraid there is someone in the dark room.

I smile and nod as I always have the same fear, maybe all we women feel the same way.

As I was half way across the room Angel I suddenly saw movement, there was someone in the living room hiding, and oh my god my heart nearly leapt out of my chest and I froze with fear and overcome in an instant cold sweat. I couldn’t believe my bad luck that I had walked into the house on my own at night when a burglar was there.

I called out nervously and almost in a panic “Who is it, what do you want, go away quickly before I call the police!” I was frozen to the spot, the shadowy figure moved quickly across the back of the room, I hoped and thought that he wanted to get to the back door and run away, so I moved a little further into the room to give him space to run away, but he didn’t run away, just before he got to the door he quickly ran back towards me catching me unawares almost from behind, he grabbed me and one of his hands instantly went firmly across my mouth so that I couldn’t scream out, at that point I almost fainted with shock and fear.

He held my head tightly and then from behind he pulled me backwards so he could close the kitchen door a little and turning the dark room even darker than before with only a little of the streetlight glowing through the window. I now noticed that he had something in his other hand but I couldn’t see what and when he brought his hand up I thought it was a knife and instinctively I wanted to scream out but his hand was tight over my mouth and to be honest, I was too frightened and my scream wouldn’t have probably come out anyway Angel.

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God, I was so shocked with what she was telling me, I said to Jane whilst hanging on to her every word “I am not surprised at all Jane, I would have been absolutely terrified too, anyone would have been” and at this point my heart was beating quickly too and I was only listening to what had happened, all I could do while she recounted her story was to nod my head in agreement and sympathy with her and just listen, of course not wanting to break her flow, and she went on telling me what had happened.

He smelt so sickly sweet and pungent as if he had just bathed in brut aftershave, then a terrifying and frightening electronic voice clearly and slowly says to me “do not scream, do not make a sound I have a knife, nod your head if you understand?”

What was there to understand about that I thought, and I nod my head in total and almost uncontrollable fear and I was fearing for my life, cold sweats were running through my whole body, the room is almost pitch black I cannot see anything other than maybe a shadow of an outline when he first moved towards me, the electronic voice slowly speaks to me again, “I have a knife, I will stab you if you do not do as I say instantly, do you understand,” again I nod my head absolutely terrified.

I am surprised when the electric voice tells me to “take off your coat and not to try anything silly or brave as it might be the last thing you ever do, and we wouldn’t want that would we?”

I nod my head thinking that I have probably caught him robbing me and that he was going to steal my coat as well. He removes his hand and grip a little and very slowly so that I can move more freely as I undo the buttons of my overcoat.

I tell him very nervously “Please sir, I won’t do anything silly so please don’t hurt me will you” and once unfastened the man pulls my coat off me from behind and quickly he tosses it over one of the chairs while saying to me “I won’t hurt you if you do as you are told, alright?”

I am relieved a little by that and I tell him, “okay, I will do anything you ask, just don’t hurt me”

“You were very brave Jane, I think I would have just fainted”

He is still behind me and now gripping me so tightly again I can’t move and then I feel both his hands start to slide around me, and he slides them over my breasts and he starts to fondle them over my clothes, I didn’t know what to do or how to react. I feel sick in my stomach as he suddenly starts to unfasten the buttons on my blouse, and I think instantly to myself “oh no, god please no, not to me!”

When he has undone the buttons he tries to pull my blouse open, but he has missed one of the buttons and he then impatiently rips my blouse open and drags my blouse off me so roughly, then he unclasps my bra and tells me to take it off, which I do. It seemed to happen so quickly and in slow motion at the same time and I was too fearful to stop him…

I try to reassure her “there was nothing you could have done,” I said gently fearing the worse for her

….Then again he grabs me tight and pulls me into him and he starts to fondle my now bare breasts eagerly and tweaking and pulling my nipples, He tells me almost angrily “You have only got little tits” and again in my fear I wonder what to do for the best, the best I could do was to say softly “please don’t hurt me” it came out so pathetic, and he obviously just carried on with what he is doing.

After a minute or two of fondling me I hear a terrible thing Angel, he then asks me in his electric voice if I liked sucking cock.

“Oh no”

 I fear the worst in this nightmare as he tells me calmly to “get down on your knees.”

“Oh my God No, Jane I am so sorry”

I didn’t want to do that obviously, but he then demands again more aggressively “get down on your knees if you know what’s good for you!”

All I could think of was the knife he told me he had, so very slowly and reluctantly I started to go down on to my knees even though I knew what he was going to make me do. What seems to make it worse Angel, is you know what he is going to do to you, yet I still got down on my knees so that he could do it to me, I felt so ashamed.

I tell her “Don’t blame yourself Jane, you know you had no choice didn’t you, I would have had to have done the same as you, we all would have.”

“I know, but I do blame myself just the same.

In the dark, I felt him and saw his shadow as he moved around in front of me and he pushes himself close up to me. I could feel him and in the very dim light and I could just see his hand pulling the zip down on his trousers right in front of my face then putting his hand into his trousers he pulls out his already very hard white cock, again right in front of my face. I watch him nervously as he strokes it for a second or two, then he tells me softly but menacingly to “suck it, and suck it good” I felt such dread as I knew that’s what I was going to have to do.

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I sharply gasped out in shock and horror, “Oh my god!”  I didn’t mean to say it out aloud, but it just came out, I couldn’t help it, the words just came blurting out in horror and total disgust.

“Again all I could think of was to say to him “please don’t hurt me” as I can suddenly feel his hard prick push into my face searching around for my mouth and as his stiff prick finds my lips, I am ashamed to say Angel, that I just opened my mouth for him and let him push his hard excited prick into my mouth and it just slipped in I could feel it sliding in and I was too frightened not to let him.”

Then in a demand he again says to me in his electronic voice “now suck on it, you will know how to give a good blow-job for your boyfriend, won’t you? Well, I am your boyfriend now.”

I look upwards but only with my eyes, I can’t see a thing beyond his hard cock, I just do as he says and I wrap my mouth around his hard cock and I start slowly sucking on the hard end of his knob.

At this point I almost say to her “Good for you” meaning to support her and it was wise not to do it, but I knew that it didn’t sound right at all and I knew it was best for me just to keep quiet.

It was so disgusting Angel, and I felt so humiliated.

“Oh I can imagine it,” I said (again, not the best choice of words)

It’s not like doing it for a boyfriend at all, because is seems ………. erm .. so disgusting and humiliating having it in your mouth against your will with a total stranger. 

Then she paused for quite a while staring at nothing …..  I waited until she was happy to carry on with her story in her own time… she took a few sips of her rum and coke then after a couple of minutes she broke the silence and carried on.

“In that dark Angel I couldn’t see anything except just the slightest silhouette of him, except for his large white cock I can even now see that now in my mind, almost clearly in the dark, because it was right in my face, I couldn’t miss it. Once he had slid it in my mouth his cock slightly moves back and forth along my tongue, “Suck it good for me or else!” Says the sadistic voice, so not wanting to upset him at all I slid my mouth up and down on his what seemed a very long cock and I sucked it for him the best I could, not wanting to upset him, I felt so humiliated.

It wasn’t long before I could tell that he was very excited with it all because of his gasps and groans and soon he was groaning at me “Suck it deeper,” and I did as he told me as he thrust into my mouth faster. I could now hear my mouth slurping and sucking on his cock which really embarrassed me even more. When I sucked down on his cock his hands sometimes pulled my head down forcibly so that my mouth sucked all the way to the very base of his prick and I could feel him thrust all the way into my throat, he made me suck on it for what seems forever as I had no idea of time, but thinking back it was maybe as long as 10 or 15 minutes of the most humiliating torture imaginable.

I noticed his thrusts were getting harder and longer, he is now fucking my mouth quite hard. I hoped he would soon be finished now, but my mind started racing about how it would finish. suddenly I hear a movement come from the other side of the room and I instinctively tried to look over to what it was but he gripped my head tight and he wouldn’t let me look, my brain starts to race again as I realise, that there was maybe two of them here, and again I wonder what is going to happen to me.

His hands grip me tighter and firmer and now every deep hard thrust of his knob slides into my throat and the wet sounds from my mouth and throat seems to fill the room as he fucks my mouth so deep, hard and rough.

 Suddenly he groans and thrusts hard forward and the moment I wanted so much for him to finish, I also dreaded most of all as I humiliatingly felt him cuming in my mouth, I try to pull back and away from him but he wouldn’t let me and he filled my mouth not only with his cock but now with a large salty sticky load of cum as well, “swallow it all” he growls at me, again I do as I am told and I do my best to swallow his cum, there was no point in upsetting him now it was all but over, was there?

Oh I am so sorry Jane, but again, I think you did the right thing,” I told her, “after all you are here to tell the tail.”

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“In a way Angel I was quite pleased, if you know what I mean, that he had only made me suck him and he had cum in my mouth and he had not, well your know, raped me down there and cum.”

“Yes, I know exactly what you mean,” I told her sympathetically

“I am hoping he just runs away now, but I was almost sure that there was still someone else in the room. He moves away, again I hope he is leaving, but I hear his normal voice saying in a whisper “it’s your turn now,” my heart sinks, ‘so there are two of them’ I thought

“Oh lord no !” I reply to her earnestly 

“Yes, I sense the other man come towards me and I am shaking with fear more than ever and I suddenly feel his hand firmly on my head and I was wondering what he was going to do to me, all kinds of things run through my head.

You may think this is shocking Angel, maybe even disgusting, but I had resigned myself to some sort of sexual abuse from the other guy as well, I mean, he wasn’t going to do nothing was he and I was really hoping that all he wanted me to do was to suck him off too and then hoped that they would both go away happy with me and leave me alone and I could get this all over with, does that sound disgusting to you?

“No, it doesn’t Jane, not at all because I know exactly what you mean,” (and I did.) I was trying to be as sympathetic as I could not really knowing what else I could say or do and hoping that just being there listening to her was the help she needed.

“I am still knelt in the same position as before and I feel the other man come up behind me and he kneels right up to me. I can feel his mouth as he kiss’s me along the shoulders and he runs his mouth along the back of my neck kissing me behind the ears. He is very clean shaven and smooth indeed unlike my partner who always has got to have designer stubble.

 I feel both his hands move round and he starts to fondle my breasts just like the other man before him, he does this for a few minutes then he tells me to lean forward onto my hands and knees in a very deep false voice.

I slowly move forward onto my hands and knees hoping against hope about what was about to happen next, even though I had no idea what it was. To my surprise I feel the man running his hands down my legs to my ankles, I feel him fumble around my feet and wonder what the hell he is doing, then he undoes the strap on my shoe and he takes my shoe off, he does the same with the other shoe and I feel him take that one off too, I hope for a moment that he has some sort of weird foot fetish and that he leaves the rest of me alone.

Then he raises himself up, but still on his knees and I can feel him climb up on the back of me, and again he strokes his smooth mouth across my shoulders and back kissing me and working his way down with his lips while still fondling my breasts at the same time.

Then as he kisses the small of my back I feel his hands move down and move under my short skirt, he grips the back of my thighs then he starts to rub his hands a little further up my legs until his hands rub and squeeze my bottom. I feel a little worried about what he would do next, his hands slowly move to the top of my tights and knickers and then curling his fingers over the top of them as if in a nightmare he starts to tug and pull them down.

I instantly squeal and almost scream out in a panic as he pulls on them and I realise what he is about to do and I beg him not to. Of course, he ignores me and he just pulls them down more violently, he quickly pulls my knickers and tights over my bottom and down my legs and all I dared to do Angel was plead with him not to hurt me, and he seems to be laughing at my nightmare.

I could tell that she was working herself up into an anxious panic and so I told her as calmly as I could and it seemed that was all that I could do was repeat what I had said before to her “that’s alright Jane, we would all have done the same as you, at least you are here to tell the story, and that’s all that matters isn’t it, you are safe now.”

“Thank you Angel.” She told me calming down.

As he dragged my tights and knickers down my legs to my knees he pulls them harder and pulls them completely off me, and I realised then that was the reason why he took my shoes off so that he could strip me of my tights.

He stands then moves along the side of me and he grabs my hair and it hurts as he forcibly pulls me up a little and he then turns me and bends me over the sofa at the side of us. I squeal and squirm as he is being quite rough with me now and I feel him get onto his knees behind me, I can tell by the sound that he is taking his trousers and pants down as he demands in his low false voice to “open your legs for me.”

Page 5

I plead with him frantically but he grabs my arms and pulls them behind and up my back until I beg “Alright, alright, I will,.. just don’t hurt me.”

I was on my knees and bent over, I open my legs a quite wide for him while I am knelt there and I quickly feel his hard cock pushing into and around my bottom and forcing himself between my legs.

The man surprises me as he says to me in his rough gruff voice “Can I now fuck you” I didn’t answer him as they seemed no point but he asks me again pushing my arms further up my back and hurting me, well he was going to rape me anyway so I didn’t understand why I had to say it, but I did, I said “yes,… please just don’t hurt me” but he wasn’t happy with that and he demanded “tell me I can fuck you, or else.”

“He was simply trying to humiliate you further Jane by making you ask him to fuck you even though you had no choice.”

I know, and yes it did humiliate me, even though I knew that I had no choice in the matter. “Yes, yes .. you can fuck me,” I told him,

Again he growls at me wanting to obviously increase my humiliation “Tell us that we can both fuck you” ..

“Yes” I gasp in despair “you can both fuck me if you want to.” 

At last he seems happy with that and I could soon feel his knob searching around for my pussy, he tries to thrust in to me and it hurts. I can feel his prick force its way up and into my pussy forcing it apart and it feels so big I can’t help but groan and squeal out even though my plan was not to do so. I didn’t want to give him one more ounce of pleasure that I didn’t need to.

But as he started to fuck me holding my arms up my back firmly and with each and with every hard thrust into me, each time I groaned  or squealed out, I can feel the air thrusting out of my lungs as I groan loud as he plunges his large cock into me and he fucks me so hard and rough. I am being raped in my own living room and with all the involuntary sounds I was making I must have sound as though I was really enjoying it Angel, I felt so ashamed of myself.

 Yet I was so humiliated, degraded and frightened, he fucks me hard and merciless for about 15 minutes so fast and furious the sofa was bouncing and creaking, suddenly he groans as he cums inside me, with the final hard thrusts into me he collapses on top of me for only a moment.

He surprises me by getting off me so quickly and walking away and I hear him say to the first man “I am finished” and the first man comes back to me and gets on his knees behind me and whispers to me angrily, “don’t you dare move, do you hear” .. “No I won’t” I said trying to reassure him so he wouldn’t hurt me, even though I knew that he was probably going to fuck me as well.

And I felt him get between my legs from behind and I felt him guiding his cock to my now wet pussy and the other man then raped me again, it didn’t hurt as much this time physically but it did emotionally as I felt the first man start to hump me from behind all over again.

He seemed to pound at me for ages, then he stops and he tells me to lay on my back, I did so slowly and not making any quick movements, he got on top of me and forcing my legs wide and started fucking me again, it was that dark I couldn’t really see his face and to be honest, I didn’t want to. Once on top of me in the missionary position it didn’t last long he just fucked away as hard as he could for only a minute or two, then he groaned out loud and in one final hard thrust it seemed he was finished.

He lay on top of me for a while, I was so worried what would happen next, I plead with them “please don’t hurt me I did what you asked I won’t tell anyone, just don’t hurt me will you….

Suddenly the man on top of me says loudly and cheerily, “Well I hoped you enjoyed that Jane  … Happy Birthday” and he starts laughing his silly little head off, .. hold on I thought I know that stupid voice and laugh, but perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me, the man got off me and moved to the light switch and switches the light on … and it’s my Paul, he is now pissing himself laughing and mocking me with a silly voice “Oh, please don’t hurt me” he says.

I was totally stunned by what a saw.

I am totally stunned and almost speechless with what Jane now tells me and all I could say was … “NO… NO .. Never ! …. are you kidding me Jane”

“No I am not kidding, I am fucking furious Angel, I am in such a rage, I look around to see who the other guy was, but he had already gone while Paul was raping me and before he had put the lights on. I run at Paul and I start punching him, I was seriously trying to beat the bastard up, I was so fucking angry.

I am just shaking my head still finding it hard to believe what I am hearing from Jane about Paul. 

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Angel, I was looking around for something really heavy to hit him with while at the same time screaming at him “and who was in the room with us, which one of your fucking mates did you get to fuck me as well, did you all draw lots, you dirty  bastards, how could you …”

He replied “Well, I thought you would enjoy it” as he got dressed frantically.

I screamed at him again “how could you do this to me, how could you get one of your mates to fuck me, have you so little respect for me” …. And as I picked up that heavy vase there to hit him with, he makes his way out of the house pretty quickly fearing for his safety and saying frantically “you have got all this wrong Jane, I will call back later when you have calmed down.

I have just cried for the last 24 hours

“What, this happened Yesterday, I thought this had just happened”

I didn’t have the nerve tell anyone, that’s how humiliated I have been. I was going to ring the police but I couldn’t for the same reason, I don’t want any of this to get out, but I had to tell someone.

I didn’t know what to say to her, I was so shocked and dumb struck, every time I thought of something to say, it sound so stupid, I just couldn’t find the words for once in my life.  I was so shocked at Paul for doing something like this, I know he loves her a great deal, I know he does but I can’t get over the fact that he got one of his friends to rape her with him and totally humiliate her as well .. What kind of caring partner would do that I was thinking.

I had to be honest with her so I told her straight out that “I didn’t know what to say to you” and she nodded her head in an “I know.” But then I told her that I thought that it was an incredibly cruel thing to do to anyone, let alone by someone who was supposed to love you

“I know she said, he has always been a practical joker in the past, that one of the reasons I love him, he is always fun, I know he has done some stupid things that I have forgiven him in the past, but I am furious with him for this, I nearly had a fucking heart attack twice over…. Honest

She looked at me solemnly and I could see with regret as she told me.

Angel, I am ending my relationship with Paul. We have been so close for 9 or 10 years now, we met when were 16  and he has always meant so much to me, but I can’t forgive him for this, I am finding it hard to live with the humiliation, I can imagine all his friends laughing at me as we speak down in the pub and how they both raped me,

I want you to go and see him and ask him to give me my key back and tell him that I do not want to see him ever again, could you do that for me please.

“Of course, I can,” I told her, “I will ring him now and speak to him.”

No, do it later, don’t do it while I am here, I don’t want to hear him or hear of him.

I went outside and rung Paul, he answered the phone at once, I told him that “I was with Jane and that she was disgusted..,” then I cut myself short as I hesitated and added, “that we were both disgusted with him and what he had done.”

“It’s not what it seems Angel” he pleaded, “It wasn’t meant to be like that. I have rung Jane a hundred times today to explain, she won’t listen to me.”

“Well, Jane wants you out of her life from now on, and she has asked me to ask to get the house keys back from you.”

“Hold on, it’s my house as well.”

“It’s either that or the police, and if she rang the police Paul, would they be charging you with rape, do you think.” The phone was silent, then he calmly said

“Can we meet and chat? and I will explain the whole story.”

“I have heard the whole story”

“No you have not Jane, I promise you haven’t”

“Well if you want, but I don’t see what good it will do,” I told him honestly. We were close friends after all, maybe I could get to the bottom of his what could only be described as insanity.

“Just listen to me for a while Jane, that’s all I ask and I will give the key back then, okay”

“Okay I told him”

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