Wheel of


Sent in by John from Australia, he has done a few for us now and all very good.
In this story you will see how all we girls see and think of you men in the bars and clubs on a night out. He has got it perfect, so beware or we may and will take our revenge.

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It all started one night when I went to the local club for a drink. None of my usual friends were there, so I was just enjoying a couple of rum and cokes on my own, watching people interacting and dancing.

The band was playing, the atmosphere was relaxing. It was just like any other night. Watching the young couples started my mind wandering back over the last few years, and all the women I had met and hooked up with in this place. I had been slapped in the face a few times when I was ½ pissed, trying to put the hard word on some young piece (or old piece, depending on how much I’d had to drink, or how horny I was), but I had also got lucky quite a few times and spent the night fucking someones brains out, and vice-versa.

They were all one-night-stands, although some had high hopes that it would be much more than that. I suppose I might have given that impression to some starry eyed young women, but in my defence, I only lied so I could get into their pants. Nothing wrong with that is there? I even scored a virgin once. She had just turned 19. I must have really been a smooth talker that night. such a sweet young thing. “Yeah yeah, of course I respect you. Yeah of course you mean something to me. No, of course you’re not just a one-night-stand” I told her.  I plied her with a few vodkas and had her giving me head on the way to her place in the back of a taxi. I would have taken her to my place but I didn’t want to get blood on the sheets, if you know what I mean. I only do my laundry once a month, and even then, only if it needs it. I had to show her how to do the things I liked, (some of which she thought were pretty weird and perverted, but I convinced her that it was all the normal things men and women do with each other)  and it was worth the trouble. She was pretty gullible. I snuck out in the early hours without waking her. Breakfast would have been nice, but I didn’t want to put up with all the shit-talk. You know the stuff.. “I feel really close to you Steven…I never did any of those things with anyone else Steven…do you really think I’m special Steven? blaa blaa blaa” I’d rather just grab a kebab on the way home than put up with that crap.

Memories of other conquests were coming to mind, like the 30 something year old housewife who had come to the bar after a huge fight with her husband. I listened to her crying through her troubles and problems, somehow managing for hours to pretend that I cared. I made her feel like she was special, and wanted, and desirable. I had a very sympathetic ear. And a hard-on. i ended up fucking her against the wall in the women’s loo. This one was a screamer when she came. “OHHH GOD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!” she screamed. There was banging on the door and women yelling for us to get out. I pushed her to the floor and blew my load in her face and even felt a bit of pity for her as she went to the hand basin next to 4 or 5 other women to try and wash my sticky cum from her face and hair. They looked at her with disgust, and called me a dirty bastard, which made me feel quite proud. Unfortunately her husband had arrived at the bar to try and make up with her. he had heard and recognised her orgasm induced-screaming, and had pushed his way into the ladies room, and was confronted with the sight of his wife covered in my cum. Needless to say, I got out of there pretty quickly. Word had it that he came looking for me every night so I had to lay low for a month or so until the heat died down. The thought of that night makes me chuckle. Some things just become funnier as time passes.

I started to feel a little horny just thinking about old times, and looked around the room for possibilities. Over to my right were 3 girls, probably around 19yrs old having a drink and tapping their feet to the band. I’m sure I could give all 3 of them a good fucking. And I reckon I’m good enough to chat them all up for a foursome. I was just about to make my move when 3 young guys joined them. I could probably still have chatted them up and left the boys behind, but I couldn’t be bothered. I just wanted someone a bit easier.

My mind was far away when suddenly someone gave me a tight hug  from behind and a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Steven. Wow long time, no see. How long has it been? 2 years? 3 years?”

It was Lisa, a girl I had known a couple of years earlier. I had gone out with her for a couple of weeks, which was unusual for me. I usually didn’t go for all that preliminary shit just to get into some girls knickers, but she was special, because she kept saying no. She was a hard nut to crack. I finally convinced her that I was serious about her and we ended up in the sack. I fucked her all night. and all the next night. and the one after. By then I had set my sights on my next project, a little blonde, new in town, and Lisa joined the long line of past conquests. I had told her she should be proud that she was a 3 night stand, not just a one nighter, but she didn’t see the humour.

Lisa was even more gorgeous now than I remembered. She had died her hair from brown to jet black. Red lipstick, plump tits that were having trouble being retained in her red bra which was clearly visible through her top with half the buttons undone, and legs that seemed to go forever up her split skirt.My cock raised its head just a little as if it had caught the scent of something good.

”Hi Lisa” I answered. “you look beautiful. I’m surprised you’re still talking to me after the little misunderstanding the last time I saw you.”

“That was no misunderstanding, you arsehole.” And then she laughed. “But I’m over all that, now. I’ve put it down to experience. So…How have you been? Have you finally settled down yet? Or are you still playing around and breaking little hearts.”

“Oh you know me, Lisa. I like to spread myself around, and spread happiness around the world.”

“The only thing you like to spread is the legs of unsuspecting girls.” She replied sarcastically and we both laughed.

We continued chatting like old friends and I could sense that I was going to get lucky again that night. Maybe luck has nothing to do with it, I thought. Maybe I’m just the greatest fucking thing since sliced bread. Maybe I could get any woman to jump in the sack with me!

“Come and dance with me” she said, and took my hand and led me up onto the floor.

I’m not all that fond of dancing but women seem to love it. maybe they like seeing a man making a fool of himself trying to look good. That doesn’t apply to me of course. Even though i’m not fond of it, I’m still a fantastic mover on the floor. And if it helps me get her in the sack, all the better. We danced for a few songs and I couldn’t believe how hot she looked, moving that arse and jiggling her tits. She was sending me signals, and I was reading them loud and clear. We returned to our table to catch our breath. It felt so natural to be with her, and I was beginning to imagine what it would be like forming a permanent relationship with her. But I’m not sure if she would be able to handle having to stay home doing the housework and cooking my dinner while I was out shagging someone.

I kept encouraging Lisa to drink her vodkas, and I would make sure there was always a full one in front of her even before she finished the one she was drinking, while I timed my drinks so I could stay sober and in control. She was like putty in my hands. As we chatted and laughed, she was frequently putting her hand on my leg and touching my hand. She was getting very tipsy. One of her tits kept falling out. “Here” I said “let me help you with that” and I helped stuff it back into her bra, giving it a little massage at the same time, which made her giggle and sway around, nearly falling off her chair.

Lisa leaned over and murmured in my ear.

“Lets go back to my place” she said, and playfully nibbled my ear.

I didn’t need to be asked twice.

She stumbled a couple of times as I helped her walk to the door and out to find a taxi. There was one right outside and I opened the back door to help her in. My cock was straining to get out of my pants by this stage, and I was already envisioning her sucking me off on the way to her place.

As I helped her in the taxi a rag soaked with something was held over my face and everything faded into blackness.

I opened my eyes. I felt groggy. I don’t know how long I had been unconscious. The room was spinning. I was alone in darkness, the only sound was my breathing. I sat there for what seemed an eternity. I felt like I was drifting in and out of consciousness, but I wasn’t sure.

Suddenly a bright light turned on illuminating the room and making me squint to see the figure in front of me. it was Lisa.

“What’s happening Lisa? Why am I tied up?”

“Whats wrong Steven? Don’t you like being tied up? You liked tying me up, do you remember? And blindfolding me and putting your dick in my mouth. And up my butt. And I went along with it because I thought we had something going and I wanted to please you. And then you dumped me just like every other girl you’ve ever known. Abused, fucked and dumped. That’s your style isn’t it. Well, its your turn now, arsehole.”

My senses were starting to return to me and I realised that I was naked, with my hands tied behind my back. I had a dog choker collar around my neck, the other end tied to a post. I had another choker chain behind my balls, with the lead running back through my legs. I was in a room with rows of chairs and tables in front of me. there was food and dip and wine on the tables. it felt like I was on a stage in a nightclub. The whole thing was very surreal and I wondered if I was in a dream.

She went to the door and opened it.

“Come in girls, I know he’s dying to meet you all.”

In came about 18 to 20 women of all ages and sizes. I recognised some as girls I had picked up before. Maybe I had spent a night with the whole lot of them. who knows? Its possible that I just don’t recognise them because I don’t take much notice of what they look like above the shoulders. Only the top of their head as they suck me off. They walked around me studying me and discussing me like I was a piece of meat. I know how ironic that sounds.

“Are you thirsty Steven?” asked Lisa.

“Yes please, can I have some water?”

“Sure. just get on your knees.”

“Just give me water”

“Do as you’re told Steven, or its going to be a long dry night for you”

I complied and, with my hands tied behind my back, struggled to get on my knees.

She held out her hand. She held six or seven pills.

“A drink will help these go down a bit easier” she said.

“What the fuck?” I said, and turned my head as she put them to my mouth. Lisa pushed me down and my face hit the ground. She grabbed the rope connected to the chain around my balls and with one foot on my arse jerked the chain tight, stretching my ball bag. I let out a yell.


“Take the tablets Steven.”


“Perhaps that’s what we have in mind.” And she pulled the chain again.


She loosened the chain and again put the pills to my mouth. I opened my mouth and she pushed them in and then held my mouth shut until I swallowed them.

The whole room cheered.

Lisa got a glass of water from the table and put it to my lips. My mouth was so dry that I eagerly drank it all.

“What were those pills?” I asked. I was scared shitless at what I might have just taken.

“Oh, just a few Cialis pills. We wouldn’t want you going soft on us, would we?”

The crowd cheered again. There were a couple of wolf whistles.

“What are you  going to do to me?” I asked.

She grinned and got up and started mingling with the others.

I looked around the room. There was a real mixture. Their ages ranged from late teens to probably in the fifties. Well if it’s a fucking they want, it’s a fucking they’ll get, I thought. do they realise they’re playing with ‘Steven the machine?’ I don’t even need this Cialis shit. I’ll fuck them all until they beg me to stop.

It was a real party atmosphere. The women were laughing and drinking. I could hear some of them talking about me, about the size of my cock, about the fact I was circumcised. A small group were whispering and looking at me and they started laughing.

What are all these bitches up to? Lisa came over with 2 other women. She showed me some sort of metal ring about 1 1/2” in diameter, which was smooth on the outside and had small spikey bits inside. It looked like something that would fit over plastic pipe… the spikey things were angled so it would slide on and dig into the pipe so it couldn’t slide off.

“What’s that for?” I asked, a bit frightened by this stage.

“My friend’s father is a plumber.” Lisa said. “She found this in his shed and thought we may be able to use it. ”

She knelt down and slid the ring over my cock, all the way to the base. It slid on easily.

“Hmm. It’s slightly loose, but I wonder what would happen if your cock started to grow.” said Lisa in an inquisitive tone.


“I told you Steven. Just a bit of fun. You like fun.”

Lisa and the others went back to the party. I looked down at this ring around my cock. I was starting to panic and thrash around, trying to break my hands loose, but to no avail. I was shaking my body side to side, my cock slapping against my hips, and then I was thrusting in a fucking motion, in a vain effort to shake the metal ring off my cock..also to no avail.

“Good to see you’re warming up Steven. But don’t wear yourself out. It’s going to be a long night for you”.

The women were watching and laughing. Some were getting a bit boisterous, probably from the wine.

“Hey Stevey” called one, “Love the jewelry. Like the old saying goes…if you want it, put a ring on it”

That brought howls of laughter from them all.

“Let me go you bitches! You’ll fucking pay for this!”

“Oh we won’t be paying for anything Stevey” said another. “I’m sure you’ll give your services free of charge. You’re a real entertainer”

Lisa suddenly spoke up, excitedly. “Hey girls! Look! I think he’s starting to get a hard on!”

I looked down. Sure enough my cock was starting to grow. I was in a panic. I concentrated deeply and tried mentally to prevent it. I conjured up an image of an ugly 90yr old toothless hag with 4” pubic hairs and dangly pussy lips. Everything to try and stop my erection, but the Cialis was doing what it was designed for…erections. The women were all hovering over me now, trying to get a good look. A hush fell over the room. My eyes started to water as the ring was tightening on my 2”diameter shaft. The spikes were digging in and the pain was unbearable. I knew it was too late to remove it without taking half the skin off my cock in the process. It would not come off until my erection had subsided. The bulbous head expanded larger than I had ever seen, due to the blood restriction caused by the metal ring, and it was a deep purple colour. A chubby but attractive woman reached over and gently stroked the head, feeling the shape.

“My God” she whispered in wonderment, “I’ve never seen anything like it. it looks ready to explode or something”.

“Are you sure his cock will be alright, Lisa? That ring is awfully tight.”

“Yeh” said Lisa confidently. And then whispered in the other woman’s ear “God I hope so..” and they both burst out laughing.

“Ok girls. Time for some fun” Lisa said and went outside. She returned with a garage “creeper”. A small platform trolley with castor wheels that mechanics lay on so they can maneuver around under cars.

“Ok Steven lay on this on your back”

“What for?” I asked. “What are you up to? No I won’t do it.”

“Give me a hand, girls” she said, and she and 3 others lifted me onto the “creeper”. Lisa wrapped a belt under the “creeper” and tightened it around my chest.

“Ok” she said, “sit around in a circle girls.”

The women sat around me in a circle.

“This game is called ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ she said. “I’ll spin him around and when it stops, whoever his cock is pointing to can do what she wants.”

Lisa used all her might to spin me around. She spun me more on each revolution, spinning me faster and faster. Then she let me slow to a stop. The room was spinning. I felt dizzy.

“Ok, you’re 1st Wendy”

Wendy was the chubby girl who stroked my cock before. She moved over to me and again stroked the purple head as if she was mesmerized. This might not be so bad, I thought. A bunch of randy girls wanting to have fun with my cock. Wendy stood up and backhanded the head of my cock with the tips of her fingers. her long nails stung like  a wasp. I screamed.


“You don’t remember me Steven?” And she struck again. I screamed again.

I studied her face. At 1st I didn’t recognize her. Then it came flooding back. I had picked up Wendy one night at the pub, and took her to my place. For a chubby girl she was quite attractive. She was a very romantic type as I recalled. The sort of shit I hate. I had gotten her so aroused that she jumped on top of me and started fucking me furiously, her big tits bouncing around and brushing over my face. She had eagerly agreed to me tying her to the bedhead, then I fucked the living shit out of her, doggy style. Then I had gotten a cucumber out of the fridge and used that on her as well. She tried to say something but I couldn’t make it out. Maybe that was due to the gag around her mouth. I think it may have been “no please don’t” or something like that. She had then climaxed, rather reluctantly, with tears in her eyes and the cucumber hanging out of her pussy. That night was a lot of fun. For me, anyway. And that’s what mattered most. Despite my promise to call her, I didn’t see her again. Until now.

“Yes, I see by your face that you remember me now Stevey” she said.

She produced a carrot and held it in front of my face. “Ready for some fun? It’s a bit smaller than a cucumber but I knew a cucumber wouldn’t fit up your butt.”

I felt my eyes widen in fear. I started kicking my legs about but 4 women held them still as Wendy nudged the opening of my butt, and slowly started inserting the carrot. I was helpless and embarrassed. The room filled with yahooing and clapping. And all the while my cock stood there at attention. Big and purple and vulnerable.

“I’m sorry Wendy. I’m really sorry for what I did. I was always going to call you and apologise and make it up to you. I swear!”

“Bullshit” was all she said.

Wendy stood over me and I saw that she was wearing nothing under her skirt. She lowered herself down until she was sitting on my face, and started to slowly rock back and forth, covering my mouth and nose with her juices. I tried to tell her to get off but my words were lost in her pussy. “Lick me Steven. Make me cum.”

I shook my head in protest. Wendy reached behind and yanked the chain around my balls and I groaned and started licking her.

“Make me cum you dirty little fucker! And do it fast! There’s a lot of girls for you to get through tonight.”

I licked and flicked and sucked her clit trying desperately to make her cum. My tongue slid in and out of her gushing hole. Wendy reached behind and grabbed the carrot and began fucking me with it as she rubbed her pussy over my face. I’ve never felt so humiliated. She shuddered and moaned, her head swinging back and forth like a bullrider, and then just sat resting on my mouth, her face covered with her disheveled hair. After a minute or so she dismounted me.

“Ok Stevey, ready for another spin?” asked Lisa.

“No. I’ve had enough. Please get that thing out of my arse.”

“Ahh” said Lisa. “I bet you’ve heard a lot of girls saying the same thing. How does it feel.”

Lisa spun me again. Round and round I went, until I slowed to a stop. I looked up. I was pointing to a woman who looked about 50.

The girl next to her said “Go Mum go!” and they all clapped as the woman turned bright red in embarrassment.

“No I can’t!” she said.

“Mum, this is the guy who took my virginity, remember? You always said you’d make him pay. Now you can…and have a bit of fun at the same time. It’s been 10 years since Dad left…”

“Would it help if we blindfolded him and we all left the room, Mrs Allgood?” asked Lisa.

Mrs Allgood nodded, still blushing. A blindfold was placed over my head and I heard everyone shuffling out of the room, and the door close. Minutes passed. There was nothing but faint breathing from Mrs Allgood. Then I felt her hand gently brushing my cock, and she breathed louder. After a minute or so of my cock being stroked, I felt her mouth moving over the tip of my shaft. As she slowly moved her head back and forth I felt her breath cool the saliva on my cock. I assumed she hadn’t tasted a man’s cock for a long time and was really savoring the taste. Suddenly she bit down hard sinking her teeth into the head of my dick. I screamed but with my hands still tied behind my back I was helpless to stop her. I was imagining the head of my cock bursting like a balloon, the pain brought tears to my eyes. Then she released her grip. “That’s for my daughter” she said bitterly. She moved around so her pussy was in my face. She grabbed the chain around my balls and pulled slightly, reminding me of what will happen if I don’t perform. I started “performing”. It didn’t take long before she was moaning loudly. Then she moved down with her back to me and positioned her soaking pussy over my engorged cock while she held my ankles for support. I felt my swollen purple head start to  nudge her opening, gently parting the lips that have probably not been parted by a man’s cock since her husband left 10 years earlier. She rocked back and forth getting faster and faster. She started screaming, almost crying I think 10 years of sexual frustration does that to you, I suppose.. The women outside were getting excited.

“Go Mum!!”

“Go Mrs Allgood!!” they chanted. She squeezed my balls hard as she came violently. I started to feel my own orgasm building and I let out a gasp. She suddenly jumped off and kicked the carrot further into my butt.

“I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of cumming. Arsehole!” she said.

I laid there in pain, unable to speak, as the other women filed back into the room. Lisa came up to me and picked up the chain attached to my balls. She used it to drag me by my balls back to the neck chain on the wall. She put the chain on my neck and then undid the belt and allowed me to roll off the “creeper”.

“Well Stevey” she said, “there are a lot of horny girls to get through tonight. I think you’ll have to increase your pace a bit. You don’t want anyone going home unsatisfied, do you? Hows the cock ring going by the way?” She reached down and wrapped her hand around the metal ring and jerked it as if she was making sure it was still tight, which obviously it was… the head was still dark purple, and the shaft was quite red. The pain from the ring spikes made me yelp.

“I think you need to do 2 girls at a time. Do you think you can do that? I bet you do, you egotistical bastard.”

I couldn’t believe the situation I was in. tied up like a dog, some sort of steel torture ring on my cock, a carrot up my arse, and being gang raped by a group of bitter and vindictive women.Lisa lifted her skirt and stood above me, revealing her red g string. She pulled it to one side and I watched as her shaven pussy lowered to my face. I could smell her sweet juices. She slid back and forth over my face, just as Wendy had done. Another woman roughly grabbed my cock and sat on it, her pussy easily slipping down all the way to the metal ring. I winced in pain and groaned into Lisa’s wet folds. “You better get to work Steven if you want your balls to stay attached” she said. I fucked and sucked and moaned in pain as one by one, two by two to be precise, took their turns with me, slapping and squeezing my balls and yanking the ball chain, their pussies putting pressure on the spiked ring. And fucking me with the carrot. my face and hair were soaked with the juices of a dozen women, and my swollen cock was tender and chaffed from so much fucking. They were like animals. My lips were red raw from the microscopic stubble of their shaved pussies constantly rubbing on them. finally, when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, they seemed to be finished with me.

A young Asian girl came forward.

“Marny” said Lisa, “this is Steven”

Marny looked about 18 years old. She was gorgeous, and seemed a little shy as she knelt down next to me. There seemed a real kindness in her eyes as she studied my bruised and ravaged body. “Do I know y..’ I started to say but she put a finger over my lips, and whispered “Shhh”. Then she kissed me and ran her mouth down over my neck, seeking out and kissing the bruises. Her mouth moved down to my cock and she treated it as if it was the most fragile thing in the world, caressing it with a hand as light as a feather, and gently kissing it from tip to balls. The spiked cock ring could not be removed until my erection had subsided, but her gentleness was already making the pain of it disappear. She removed the chain from around my balls and took one of them into her mouth, gently rolling it with her tongue. All the pain and humiliation had left me and I was totally mesmerized by this girl. I wondered if I had died and this was Heaven.  I watched as she ran her tongue around my aching balls, over the spiked metal ring, back up my cock, and then start pushing her warm mouth over the bulbous tip, keeping eye contact with me all the time. Her head began bouncing up and down on my shaft, and I could feel her soft tongue wrapping around it, taking away all the pain that had been inflicted over the past few hours. She moved up and kissed me fully and passionately on the mouth at the same time straddling me. She reached under her skirt and held my cock, gently guiding it to her anus opening. As she pushed back onto my cock, I saw her eyes roll back in ecstasy as her eyelids softly closed. It was tight, very tight and I didn’t think she would force it in, then all of a sudden it slipped right inside, and she let out a long slow moan. Her head swayed side to side as she fucked me and her hand massaged her breasts. Her Asian jet black hair and bright red lipstick turned me on in a way I had never known, and in some weird way, the pain and abuse I had suffered that night seemed to heighten this moment of immense pleasure. I felt my orgasm approaching  and as I bucked like a mad bull she leaned back and held my ankles, at the same time thrusting back and forth on my cock. I gazed up at her beautiful face,  and my gaze ran down over her perfect bouncing tits, and down over her belly, and, to my horror, I saw a huge prick sticking out from under her skirt. I started screaming. And screaming, and trying to buck her/him off me but it just made it worse. I shot my load into her/him and felt so disgusted and humiliated that I started crying. Never in my life had I had the slightest attraction to another man. The thought repulsed me. Marly leaned forward and tried to kiss me.

“FUCK OFF” I said, “you dirty fucking….whatever you are”. Marny stood up and stepped back with the rest of them.  I looked around at the rest of the bitches. “You’re going to pay for this! You’re all going to jail. As soon as I’m out of here I’m going straight to the cops! You’re fucked, the lot of you!”

“oh I don’t think you’ll tell anyone about this.” Said Lisa. “’Steve the Stud’ as you like to call yourself. Always bragging to your friends about your sexual conquests, satisfying multiple women at one time. What will they say about you crying like a baby to the police because a bunch of randy women fucked you? And what will they say about the little video we took of you with Marly? You looked like you were sooo enjoyng it. we recorded all the way to the bit where her cock sprung out . oh dear we seemed to have missed the bit where you looked surprised and shocked.”

“What about the bruises all over me, and the marks around my prick from that ring? And the chain marks around my balls and neck. That’ll stand up in court”.

“Well Stevey, let me tell you this.. you know all those videos you took of the girls you tricked and handcuffed and fucked with all kinds of objects? Its pretty obvious that you like the rough stuff. Oh, you look surprised. Didn’t you realize that I knew you recorded them? it just so happens that I have some copies. Someone must have gotten them from your place while you’ve been ‘entertaining’ us.  I think you’ll be laughed out of the Police station, let alone the courts.”

I knew then that they had me over a barrel. I was beaten. As I sat there in total disbelief at the nights events, a rag was pushed over my face from behind. I recognized the smell from earlier at the taxi. The last thing I heard before passing out was “time to go home, ‘Stud.’”

When I woke I was at home in my bed. Naked. One wrist was handcuffed to the bedhead. On one side of me was an inflatable doll, with lipstick badly applied to its lips. The same lipstick was rubbed over my cock. On the other side of me was a mobile phone. Those bitches! This was the final humiliation…either remain cuffed to the bed until I starve to death, or phone someone to come and rescue me. who could I call? I didn’t want anyone to find me like this. I finally decided to call a prostitute I had used once. A prostitute wouldn’t be judgmental, I reasoned. She came within the hour and chuckled to herself when she saw the scene in front of her. “Before I free you I need you to pay me” she said. “That will be $500 thanks. I have a mobile credit card machine if you don’t have the cash.”

“WHAT??? 500 FUCKING DOLLARS?” I shouted. “FOR WHAT??”

“Well” she said calmly. “I’m high class and I charge $500 an hour, sex or no sex. Minimum fee of 1 hour.”

Those bitches….

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