Woman Hunt


The Start of the Woman HuntBy Angel Helen. √

My Name is Angel and I am telling you this story because of something that happened to me a few of years ago, well something that I foolishly agreed to do to my great regret. You might find this shocking at what I did and probably think of me disgusting too for such an innocent young lady such as myself to get involved in what we did.

The point of writing this was to tell of the dilemma of not only myself but what we all went through in the making of our decisions and I hope that comes through more than anything else in this story. We all felt tricked in the end and to be honest because it was a friend of ours that set it all up, well set us up, we trusted him and I suppose he eposed our vulnabilities and our greed to a point.

I found out quite a lot about myself, my very close friend and about people in general that are in a position of unbelievable stress. The names and a couple of the facts have been changed to protect the innocent, namely myself, some of the details have been jiggled about with too for the same reasons.

I can’t guarantee that this story is correct word for word and moment by moment, but it is as close as I could remember in a time of panic and looking back.

As I much later spoke to people involved in this, strangely we remembered it a bit different from each other, so if you were to read someone else’s account of what happened it will probably vary a little from mine and of course, I suppose it was different for everyone involved. If you can just put up with the first page my story will soon become very clear.

I know it’s easy to moralise, but I would love to know what you would have done and how you would have handled it?

Chapter 1 … The Meet

I was having a night in enjoying a superb Chinese meal and a few glasses of wine with Cheryl who is a very close friend of mine, and a guy called Gary was also there who was really more of a friend of hers rather than mine to be honest although I did know him quite well. He was alright, but again I wouldn’t really call him a friend of mine as such as I thought he was a total bore. We met him at the supermarket and he was quite chatty for once so Cheryl invited him back as they do seem to have seen each other quite often for a chat in the past but had lost contact it seems. It was one of those scenarios where they just got on, and this sudden chance meeting changed both our lives forever.

Gary was quite tall and in his early 30s but looked younger with short dark hair, he was very average looking and very well spoken, he was slim, very well dressed and liked to wear expensive designer clothes, he was always good for a story and a chat even if those stories were quite dull, well they were to me anyway. The wine flowed and we all laughed as we told jokes and told stories of the scrapes we had been in.

I had known Cheryl for a very long time (she just looks the image of Cheryl Cole to me, looks build everything.) I had a similar build, I was quite petite but with long blonde hair and very blue eyes. We had been friends all through our school years from very early on and our friendship really blossomed several years later when we both joined the Royal Air Force.

I won’t go into detail because that is not what the story is about, but it was one of the major factors. We both went into business together and got heavily into debt, we expanded too much too fast, we were both obviously very raw and naive. We thought hard work would have been enough to get us through, it wasn’t!

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To make matters worse soon after the bank interest rates started to climb and as they went up and up we started to seriously struggle to make the payments on the cards we had built the debt on. Some cards went up disgracefully as much as 200%, from 9.9% to 29%.

We were both doing other part-time work in the evening as well as our full-time jobs which helped, but I personally didn’t know how long I could keep two jobs going, the pressure was getting to us both I think.

After a while Gary told us that he had come up with what he thought was a great money making idea for all of us and he invited the pair of us to join him in what was going to be called a ‘Woman Hunt’ where we girls would be hunted, or as he put it searched for by some men for some “serious money.”

He at first only explained very basically what it was and what we both had to do to earn our money, I think that was just to draw us both in, but I just laughed at him saying “Even after a few glasses of wine, I can imagine what it is all about and there is NOT a hope in hell I would do that, mind you, it’s a good try though, let us know how it goes on.”

He looks at us both like an innocent little boy as he protests “Oh I am not taking any part in it, I am just organising it on behalf of someone, well it’s more a sort of exclusive men’s club thing really.”

Cheryl asks “So what sort of club thing is it?”

“Just a club.” Gary tells us in a very matter of fact manner “Well the club consists of both male and female members, but this is an all-male event as you might have guessed, but it needn’t be, it could be for women as well I suppose.” Gary explains vaguely, then adds “but strangely enough, we did get two of our lady members who wanted to join the hunt as the hunters,” then frowning and almost as if he was speaking to himself he softly adds “how that would have shaped up I have no idea at all.”

“Go on” Cheryl urges him “tell us more, you never know, we may be more interested if we think it’s okay.” Then she bursts out laughing, but we know you so we have to be careful of your plans.

Gary carries on “Well we didn’t let the girls join in, for a start I would have had to tell you all that girls were hunters as well and the connotations that would have created and we thought it was hard enough trying to get the right girls to become hunted in the first place and in the second place, the men felt uncomfortable for now that there wife’s and partners or girlfriends were there, so as a committee we took a vote and we reluctantly said that this time the answer would be no, maybe next time if the girls being hunted didn’t mind, we will have to see.”

Cheryl screwed her face up and said almost laughing “Noooo, I am not on about the women that wanted to join in, but about the club, tell us more about the club.”

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“Oh I see,” said Gary, looking all surprised at having the wrong end of the stick “well there isn’t much to tell, that’s about it all really, all the members have quite a bit of disposable income and they are quite a kinky group of members, the membership is by invite only, not anyone can join the club and they all have their left little fingernail painted black, hence the name, The Cult of the ****** *******.”

Cheryl repeats him “So all the members here are invited by other members then? … That’s very cosy”

“Yes” said Gary with a smile, “that’s basically it, you have it in one, it makes things very friendly”

“All apart from the victims that’s being chased” adds Cheryl.

Gary frowns a little, “Well no, I wouldn’t call them victims at all, I would say that their status was more like, err, shall we say more like short term honorary members, there have been many of them in the past and some of them have later become full members, but this isn’t a club for everyone you understand. … But on saying that” he goes on, “I am sure the club does a lot of good and charitable things as well”

“Like what?” we both ask at the same time.

“Well I can’t remember straight away of any at this point” he mumbles, “but I am sure it has, at least once, …. Probably I Think!”

Cheryl again asks while looking at his left hand and points out “a black finger nail you say, just like yourself then” as we both notice that his left hand has the little fingernail painted black.

“Yes I am a member, I am proud to say that,” he openly said showing the flat of his hand and the painted fingernail, “That’s why I am left to organize it, but as I said, I am not in the hunt at all, I am just, let’s say the referee, I am there to make sure everyone plays by the rules, err so to speak.”

Then he starts to tell us with great enthusiasm that the group had put an advertisement on the club website for men in the upcoming activities section who would be up for the Woman Hunt. He had already taken £850 each off 20 men to be a part of the hunt. All we need to do now is to find the 4 girls willing to take part in the chase through the private woodlands that he had already rented from a friend of the club… “It’s just a bit of a game you know.” is how he put it.

“What happens when the men catch the girls?” I asked him.

“Oh when or if the girls are caught” he explained with a broad smile, “the men can do with them whatever they want, whatever comes to the mind of the men who are playing at the time” then he smiled even wider.

Cheryl shakes her head “So the men are going to have sex with the girls then, so what you are really looking for is girls that will let lots of men fuck them, well good luck!”

I asked out of curiosity “Is it just the guy that catches the girl that has sex with her or is it all of the men that has to sex with her? Strangely I thought it would be the former rather than the latter.”

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“Let me explain it this way” he said pausing and thinking of the best way to answer us, “the men work as a team, so really when one man catches the girl or girl’s, effectively all of the men have caught the girls, so potentially all of them could be having fun with all of the girls, that’s if it works that way, I am not sure that it would.”

I was disgusted, I looked at him and said: “You mean to say that whenever any of these young innocent girls that are taking part they would have to agree that all the men there could gang fuck them in any manner that pleased them?”

At this point, he nods his head saying “Well …probably, if I am being honest with you, that could be the case, yes!.”

“Are you kidding” I went on, “There will be no probably about it, this is what this is all about isn’t it the sex, once one of the guys has caught a girl, the other guys will certainly join in and I don’t know how almost any decent girl would ever agree to that at all.”

Gary said quite happily “Well almost, that’s quite right!” Then he said in a serious tone “There is the chasing bit that would be quite fun as well”

Cheryl told him almost with a little anger in her voice “Yes, but fun for who, it might be great fun for all the men of course, but not for any of the girls” Cheryl added, “well not any of the girls we would know.”

Gary raised his hand and stopped her “Yes but for the girls there is lots of money, and the extra money would help wouldn’t it? … and you could all get away, that’s the hook, lots of money and there’s a good chance at least one of you if not all of you could get away, we haven’t done this before, so how would any of us know what could happen?”

I looked at him for a moment, then shaking my head in disgust I said “In the time you have known us do you think we are girls like that?  Do we really look like girls that would be up for that sort of thing? Do you really think we are so casual about sex that we would let lots of strange men have sex with us at the same time even for money, let alone what you are planning for any amount of money! What do you think that would make us.”

He just smiled and said “It wouldn’t make you anything except a little wealthier, if the girls get away or couldn’t be found after 2 ½ hours the girls would just keep all the money anyway, no sex involved at all, how good is that for you girls,… I bet you would be up for that part of the hunt, wouldn’t you?”

Suddenly Cheryl laughed out loud and said to Gary “Yes, that’s if you could guarantee we both would get away from the men we would be interested!”

I agreed with her “Yeah I would be up for that as well, just running through the woods for lots of money, you could count us both in then” and we both laughed again with Cheryl adding, “if you are going to give us both a couple of hundred quid we might give them a quick flash of our tits before we run off with the money if you like.” “just hold on their girl, I am not agreeing to that” I warned “I don’t want to give the men any more motivation than necessary” “Mmm” she sobered “you might have a good point there.”

I warned “Now Just hold on there girl, I am not agreeing to that. I don’t want to give the men any more motivation than necessary” “Mmm” she sobered “you might have a good point there.”

“Mmm” she sobered “you might have a good point there.”

Gary smiling and taking a good drink of the wine as he empties his glass, he then pours himself another and tells us “Well I have put some feelers out around the girls in the student properties I own.”

We both knew he had lots of student properties and he told us that some of the student girls

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were struggling to keep up with their rents even though many of them was subsidized, “I put out an advertisement for girls to be hunted on the notice boards they have in the building it said something like “must be very attractive and between the ages of 18 and 25, must be fit and they would receive up to £1,000.00 for the afternoon” unbelievably to my surprise he told the both of us he had 2 girls that had applied and signed up and when he showed us the pictures of one of the girls I was surprised how very attractive she was. So I said to him, “did you tell them the whole story and do they know what they are having to do for the money” “of course I did, I have set the whole thing on paper as a contract and they have signed knowing full well what the deal is, I didn’t want to find myself in prison for organizing and duping the girls in to being gang raped or anything else did I, they know everything, just as you two do” he said defensively. Then he told both of us “there were about 10 girls interested at first but they all dropped out, well all but two other girls, but they was just too keen to do it, they both said they would do I It for nothing, they were both young and very pretty, but that isn’t the type of girls we was looking for at all, so apart from those two, all the other girls backed out as they knew more. “Hold on here, let me get this straight” I said to him, “any type of girl that would want to do this, you definitely don’t want,. But any girl that definitely wouldn’t want any part of it, is the type of girl you do want … Who is arranging this, the Marx Brothers or Monty Python.”

Cheryl looked at him a little angry, “but you thought we would do it?”

“NO not at all,” said Gary protesting his innocence again, “look we are all friends here having a night in and having a couple of glasses of wine and chatting, all I am doing is telling you about something that’s coming up, it’s as simple as that, if either of you was interested in earning quite a lot of money, great, if not, that’s fine as well, but in all of this as I keep saying the girls get a good start ahead of the men and if the girls have any degree of fitness and savvy about them, there is more than a good chance they will get away and just keep all that money for being chased or hiding for a couple of hours.. It could be a bit of a gamble, but I will tell you now, it’s a bloody good one.”

That calmed Cheryl down and she smiled again as she poured us all another large glass of red wine. I was puzzled, “so why wasn’t you interested in the girls that were up for it, if you got those types of girls you could keep all the money for yourself,” I asked.

Gary looked at me for a moment before answering “You are right there of course, but there were two reasons, the group that have paid me to organize this, they are a smashing bunch of lads, they really are, but they set out a strict criteria for the girls that I was to get involved in this. Yes obviously they want gorgeous youngish girls, but what is more important to them is they want girls that would not be so casual about sex as you put it earlier, they want girls more like yourselves and the other two girls that’s going to do the women hunt, they want girls that respect themselves and their bodies, they want girls that would be desperate to get away at all costs, that’s the whole point, that is the fun for them, this is all about the hunt believe it or not, let’s say the sex, if indeed there is any sex that takes place, is let’s say punishment for the girls not getting away.”

I laughed at him “You think we were both born yesterday don’t you,” as I put on a deeper voice and mimicked him “if indeed there is any sex that takes place” I repeated, “We aren’t that bloody naive you know”.

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Anyway not put off at all, he carried on explaining “these two girls didn’t want to do it either, that’s why we wanted them, but I offered them more money as I knew these two was really hard up for cash, I offered them double what was on the board and they both in the end agreed to do it for £2000.00, the extra grand clinched it, I am really pleased to get them, they are incredibly pretty aren’t they?” he handed over some more pictures of both the girls this time, he explains “one of them is training to become a doctor, and the other is training to be erm, I forget now, oh they are both training to become doctors come to think of it”  I looked through the pictures of them quickly and I nodded and agreed, “Yes they are both very nice and very pretty” I said and showed the pictures to Cheryl, who in turn showed surprise at how attractive and intelligent they both looked, that’s if you can tell how intelligent anyone is by looking at picture.

One thing that kept nagging me at the back of my mind was I just couldn’t understand why they were prepared to pay out so much money to the girls, I just didn’t totally believe the chase bit, but then it struck me why and it shocked me, “Yes and I get what this is really all about now,” I thought out loud “what this is really about is not the chase, but the capture isn’t it, what they really want is girls that when they are caught are going to feel totally humiliated and totally degraded by the whole thing isn’t it, that’s why you said they want girls that would do anything at any cost to get away… that’s where they all get their kicks from, that’s why the men are paying out so much isn’t it and that’s why some of the women at the club wanted to join in the hunt too, they all love and get a buzz from watching the women feel so humiliated at being used like that,  this club and its members both men and women was set up all because they all love to humiliate others isn’t it, it’s all about the humiliation of the so-called honorary part-time members isn’t it, that’s just terrible, how can you get involved in something like that” and I became more disgusted the more I heard about it.

Gary looking at the both us all innocent again and said “I have been quite honest and up front with the both of you haven’t I” we both agreed with him in sorts “well I suppose so, as far as we know anyway, but you have got two girls already, why are you asking us to do it.”

Looking at the both of us he said “Well as I said before, I need four girls to match the numbers up, a few have been interested in it but it’s difficult to actually get the really educated and classy looking girls to sign up, yes we could get loads of scrubbers to do it for the money, but we only want the best.”

He paused for a moment then carried on “The guys even at £850 a throw each didn’t bother them, in fact I had to turn quite a few down even though they offered me triple the fee, but then again as I told you this is quite an exclusive club, so they are not going to pay the money for someone that looks like a council scrubber are we, sorry if that sounds rude and class prejudice, but you know what I mean, I know you two are struggling for money and I only want great looking classy girls so I thought, well hoped that you both might be interested in doing it for a quick couple of grand,” his face winced slightly as he waited for the answer.

I looked at Cheryl and she was looking very intense at me, I smiled and told her “I might be broadminded, but I am not that bloody broadminded are you,” but she just looked at me with that same studious staring look, I could tell she was thinking it over, well I could tell she was certainly thinking something over.

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Gary notices that Cheryl seemed to have it on her mind as well, Then before she had the chance to speak he said, “I will make a one-off exception for you two gorgeous girls” and when we were told he would pay us £4,000.00 each …. We was both stunned, Cheryl looked at me with her mouth open in shock as we both looked across at each other in surprise, I turned my head back towards Gary and asked “are you kidding us,” he shook his head, “of course not, what would be the point of that.”

I looked back at Cheryl trying to get an idea of what she was thinking, I thought about it for a minute or two as the money was very attractive and would help us out a great deal, a great deal indeed, but then I thought of what he really wanted us to do if we got caught and I told him politely to “get lost,” but Cheryl who had been silent for quite a while now just listening to us both whilst thinking suddenly spoke studiously and in a slow low voice “what would be the chances of us getting away,”

Gary said with a smile and wink “Very good,” Cheryl asks him again, “No this is not a game for us, this is deadly serious, be honest what are the chances of us getting away and not getting caught” again Gary looking as innocent as he could saying, “I was being honest, I have been honest the whole way through, that’s the whole point, you could all get away, that’s why I am telling you both about it, the men all know this as well, it’s a big gamble for them as well”

Chapter 2 …. The Dilemma

How I imagined it in my mind, but of course we did have our clothes on

How I imagined it in my mind, but of course we did have our clothes on

There was complete silence, then Cheryl looked me in the eyes studiously for a moment, then she blurted out impulsively “I might do it!” then she looks across at Gary and says “I will do it .. if you pay us both £5,000.00 each!” I looked at Cheryl in shock, “Are you mad, what the hell are you agreeing to!!” I shouted at her adding, “don’t add me to any part of this, keep me out of it, well out of it ..” Then Gary interrupts me by saying to Cheryl, “Okay, you drive a hard bargain, I am hardly getting anything out of this now, but I will give you both £5,000 each in cash for doing it.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on two counts, one, I had just been offered £5,000 and two, no one was listening to a word I was saying “excuse me, didn’t the both of you just hear what I said” but Cheryl interrupts me again “Oh come on Angie, think about it, £5,000 where would we get that sort of money from for just over a couple of hours, it would clear one of the high-interest credit cards off and we have a good chance of get away from the men Scott free, you have heard Gary just say that” then a big smile came across her face and she laughed “you have always told me how you would like to be ravished by a lot of dead sexy men at once, I was only thinking of you, I was just helping you to get your fantasy, that’s all love.” and she starts laughing her glamorous little head off.

I could see now she was only joking and I start to laugh too telling her, “Oh bloody hell you had me going then, I thought you meant it, I really thought you was going to put your name down for the hunt if he offered you £5000” Cheryl didn’t seem as though she was taking it seriously so I laughed with her and went along with it and we joked and fooled around a little, but then she said with a lovely but serious face “Angie seriously, listen to me, if you think about it, we are both very fit, we run at least ten miles a day, almost every day, sometimes 15 miles or more at the weekend, we can do this, they will never catch us, it will be easy money won’t it?” I stopped laughing and looked at her again with the shock, “you are not serious, you can’t be …. You are aren’t you” I stood up and went for another glass of wine not knowing what to think, it was one

I stopped laughing and looked at her again with the shock, “You are not serious, you can’t be …. You are aren’t you?” I stood up and went for another glass of wine not knowing what to think, it was one thing Gary asking me to do it, but now with Cheryl asking me to do it as well? I played with it in my mind for a moment or two for the first time in all seriousness.

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Gary stayed quiet for a while too, then he spoke up, “I just thought I could help you both earn quite a lot of money quickly, for hopefully running away from some guys, but I know one thing, if you don’t do it, someone else will and the following day you will both be as desperate for money as you are now, instead of having £5000 in cash, in your hand and pay quite a bit of debt off, even treat yourselves, you will both regret it if you hear all the girls got away and you both could be £5,000 better off.

Gary was right about one thing though, I was so desperate for the cash, well we both was, not only for the credit cards but I had started my own business, The business was going very well, but cash flow was a very big problem and this cash would get me through this short term problem of paying for stock and getting the money back in, but I didn’t really want to do the woman hunt unless I was sure I could get away or at least not get caught, I was surprised Cheryl had enough confidence that she would not get caught, maybe she knew something I didn’t know.

We all chatted it over for quite a while, Gary was keen, he could see Cheryl was on the point of agreeing and Cheryl said she would definitely do it if I would, That seemed to put all the pressure on to me, that was all I needed right now, that annoyed me as well because all the time I said I wouldn’t do it, but it now made me think of doing it and then it made me think of the money and that in turn put more pressure on me to do it.

In the end, I was confused and I told them that I didn’t know and that I would think about it over the next few days, just to put them off and release the pressure off me more than anything else. “Great said Gary I will stay in touch with you,” I wasn’t sure, well I was sure I didn’t want to do it, but I really did need the money, I just said “don’t hold your breath though,” anyway I remember thinking that in the morning when Cheryl’s slept on it and sobers up she will come to her senses about it all and she would change her mind.

It was a couple of days later and I had tried to put the offer to the back of my mind but I would be lying if at some point during the day if I said I hadn’t thought about it, after all to me at this point it was a lot of money for just 2 ½ hours running but I just couldn’t get out of my mind what if I got caught.

At some point of the day I would think, “I am going to do it,” then at other points of the day I would tell myself off, “don’t be stupid, how could you let yourself do such a thing” effectively I would have agreed to let myself be gang banged with up to 20 men, even though there were another 3 girls there to help out, hopefully.

If it was just the man that caught me that I had to have sex with, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad I thought, maybe I could do it then and take the gamble, but the gang bang with lots of men that just killed the idea dead for me, I just couldn’t take the chance, it sent a shudder down my spine, anyway with my bad luck at the moment it would probably be raining on the day, I would probably be the only girl found and I would have to satisfy them all on my own, even if I wasn’t the only girl caught I would probably regret what I had done for the rest of my life. I would feel so ashamed with myself, suppose I got married and my husband found out and all his family and they told my family, how would I or my husband feel, oh and the children…

Then I had to shake myself, Hold on, Hold on girl, and I even told myself to calm down, my mind was running away with its self, I hadn’t agreed to anything yet, let alone get married and have children.

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Then right out of the blue as they very often are, my car started playing up quite badly, I do a lot of miles in my work so I took it to the garage straight away, they put it on the diagnostic machine and said it would cost me about £1000.00 to fix, I nearly choked at the cost and I went into a cold sweat and I felt sick to the stomach.

Why now of all times I thought, I almost felt on the brink of bursting into tears at the timing of it. I was just thinking where the hell was I going to get another £1000 from and that I must have my car for work, when suddenly my phone rang, I looked at my phone and it was a number I didn’t know. I thought it maybe a customer and when I answered like magic it was Gary “Hello” he said in a bright happy voice and getting straight to the point he asked, “So will you join the hunt?” I paused before I answered then said “to be honest Gary

I paused before I answered then said “To be honest Gary …. .

And he must have guessed what I was going to say because he stopped me and said “Before you answer me,” and then he reminded me what had been said a few days before saying “Cheryl has said that she’s going to do it if I offered her and you £5000 each.” I knew that but I still raised my eyes at the amount of money that he was offering us both, it was really tempting at this point, more than tempting, I didn’t know what to say at first and I instinctively said “I don’t know” but my mind was racing on what to do or say for the best. “look Angie” he said, I have got to have another girl and I like you quite a bit, I will try and make it that you get a better chance to get away and if you do the hunt I will give you £8,000 just don’t tell anyone will you”

I couldn’t believe what he had just said so I repeated it back to him slowly “did you just say that you would give me £8,000??” ….. “

“Look Angie!” he said, I have got to have another girl and I like you quite a bit, I will try and make it that you get a better chance to get away and if you do the hunt I will give you £8,000 just don’t tell anyone will you” I couldn’t believe what he had just said so I repeated it back to him slowly “did you just say that you would give me £8,000” ….. “

I couldn’t believe what he had just said, so I repeated it back to him slowly “Did you just say that you would give me £8,000?” ….. “

“Yes,” he said “and in cash!” came the reply. I was speechless I couldn’t believe the amount of money that he had offered me, that amount of money to me at the moment was like winning the lottery.

I was speechless I couldn’t believe the amount of money that he had offered me, that amount of money to me at the moment was like winning the lottery.

I was in turmoil, I needed the money I really did, it would be a fantastic help.. but, I was just too frightened that I would get caught and the consequences of what would happen to me, I could feel my heart pounding, it was such a lot of money and that’s all I could think of, .. But I still couldn’t find the courage to say “yes”. I stuttered in fear for myself as I asked him “Bu But how are you erm er, how are you going to make it easier for me to get away?”

“Well” he said “to be honest, the only thing I can do, I will give all you girls an extra 3 minutes start to get away, with an eight minute start in a dense 25 mile sq wooded area is a long start, it’s probably over a mile, almost 2 kilometres the men won’t even know which way you have gone, you all will have more than a very good chance of getting clean away with all that money, I can’t be fairer than that can I?”

As I listened, it did sound a good start, at this point I happened to look up and the garage manager on the counter he was waiting and looking at me a little impatient as there was a little queue. I had to have the car done so I looked at the garage manager and said to him calmly “Okay get on with it, that’s fine.” Suddenly I hear Gary shouting out and cheering like crazy “GREAAAT!, THAT’S GREAT! can you be at Cheryl’s tonight to meet the other girls and get the contracts sorted as the hunt is going to be this weekend, is that okay?”

I paused for a second as he must have thought I was talking to him and that he had thought I had agreed to do the woman hunt, I was just about to explain to Gary that I wasn’t speaking to him, then I paused again,.. Maybe the mistake was for the best I thought, as I would never have been able to yes straight out and either way I needed the cash desperately maybe this may be a blessing in disguise.

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I paused for a second as he must have thought I was talking to him and that he had thought I had agreed to do the woman hunt, I was just about to explain to Gary that I wasn’t speaking to him, then I paused again,.. Maybe the mistake was for the best I thought, as I would never have been able to yes straight out and either way I needed the cash desperately maybe this may be a blessing in disguise.

At that point I almost gratefully and reluctantly at the same time said, “Yes Gary that’s fine, I will see you at Cheryl’s around 8 PM let me know the details later,” and I hung up. I remember thinking, there is going to have to be one hell of a fit guy out there if they think they are going to catch me even without an eight-minute start. I smiled and booked my car in to be fixed, for once in a long time I felt a great relief from the financial stress and worry I had, that’s when I knew I had made the right decision, maybe my luck has changed, it’s about time if it has.

I got to Cheryl’s just after eight, her place was very nice and cosy, I had spoken to her on the phone earlier that day and she was so excited and surprised that I had agreed to join in, Cheryl had in turn spoken to Gary and she was convinced we would get away and not get caught with that Gary had told her about the extra time we were getting. As I sat and had my glass filled with cold sparkling white wine I turned to Gary and said “Right. we want our money up front or I am not doing it” and Cheryl agreed with me and pushing harder saying “we want our money the day before”

He frowned and said, “I will tell you what, when you turn up at the hunt I will give you the cash there and then and you can lock it away in the boot of your car, I would be fucked if I gave you all that money and you then backed out, they would lynch me I think, is that okay?”

As quick as a flash “Sure” said Cheryl all bright eyed and bushy tailed again,“Thanks for consulting with me,” I smiled at her. Cheryl laughed as she said “Sorry dear.”

Gary told us both that he had met the other girls and they were happy with the rules, “we all had to abide by them,” “we” I asked emphasising ‘the we,’ “Well, you girls and the men taking part” he explained

“Well, you girls and the men taking part” he explained

“Oh,” I said, “I thought you had changed your mind and was going to join in after all.”

“No no,” he said, I am just organising it, as I always said, I have always been totally honest with everyone, I am not going to change that.”

I asked how the other girls were feeling and he couldn’t have been listening because he said “oh yes, they are all very nice girls, they were both in dire need of quick cash and the night before they would stay at his house and they would go up to the hunt with him, I don’t want them getting pre-match nerves and not turning up” he laughed, I just let it go and said I had agreed I would stay at Cheryl’s that night and watch a film to keep our minds off it as best we could.

There was a knock on the door, “That will be the other two girls now” said Gary as he jumped up to answer the door, “Remember don’t mention money as you two are getting a lot more than them, just say £2,000 if they ask.”

“I won’t say a word,” said Cheryl fidgeting in her chair like little miss prim and proper and then giving me a big smile.

Both girls walked in the room together, and the room seemed to glow with their presence, they were such beautiful girls and obviously took great detail with make-up and they were dressed immaculately, as they walked up to me we both kissed each other on the cheek as we all said hello and introduced ourselves.

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They sat down apologising “I am sorry we won’t be able to stay long,” they said, “we are both going out to dinner tonight, it’s a treat from my father, I am 20 today,” said Nikki, Cheryl smiled, “Oh that’s Nice, happy birthday.”

The two girls both looked very uneasy and uncomfortable as they sat down. Nikki spoke again breaking the silence “We both feel a little embarrassed at meeting you” adding, “I hope you don’t think we are the sort of girls that would normally do this sort of thing, but we have our reasons.”

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8 thoughts on “Woman Hunt

  1. I just came across your site today, i must say you have great written stories up here.
    I enjoyed this one aswell however the young Dr Kate parts especially when i read about her getting caught bought a tear to my eye and i skipped all the parts where you mentioned the acts which were happening to her. The reason for my skipping the Dr Kate parts were that when i was around 11 i spent quite a few months in hospital and the doctor who was treating me was a young Dr Kate who was a really lovely doctor, ive always had phobia’s about doctors and hospitals but she was awesome and took care of me as if i was her younger brother. I dunno it might sound silly but every time you mentioned the name Kate i kept thinking about her and felt pretty awkward so i decided to skip her parts.

  2. Just finished reading this story. I loved every minute. The tension of you being in that holly bush watching the other girls get caught and wanting desperately not to be found felt real. Then to be discovered , when you so nearly got away. Great story. Great descriptive text. Keep up the good work

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